Can you put a quiz into a layer?

Dec 17, 2013

Hi all,

I am trying to develop a game type training where you must answer questions to gain points and move towards a goal.  I am putting all the questions on layers within one slide for each level of the game,  However, some of the questions would work better as multiple answer questions or matching questions.  Can I put a quiz into a layer?

Thanks for your help,


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Lori, the quiz functionality (both the insert quiz option and the convert to freeform option) only work at the slide level so you can't place them on layers.

If you are thinking of doing these as knowledge checks and don't want to capture the scores, you can manually add quiz questions by using text and buttons and then adding conditions to check the results. You can direct them to feedback layers but can't easily record the results.

I have attached a very simple example to give you and idea. I have only added one question layer but you could add multiple layers is so desired.

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