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Crystal Horn

Hi Jakob!  Thanks for reaching out.  You're right -- currently you can export individual caption files for your slides.

My team and I think you bring up a couple of great potential feature requests that could bridge the gap between our closed captioning options and publishing to .mp4.

  • Ability to export all captions from all videos into a single export file
  • Ability to include closed captions when publishing for .mp4

I'll submit these ideas to our team for review.  Here's a look at how we manage feature requests.  Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

Nikki May

Hi Crystal!

Having just completed my first full storyline project with closed captions this morning, my client has signed it off in Articulate Review and I've just gone to publish it as MP4 (as it is being embedded in YouTube on a website)....and the captions aren't there despite me using a global variable to switch them on permanently! Do you have any updates on the status of this feature request as I can't find any other information?

Thanks, Nikki

Nikki May

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for the update. I've tried to be inventive and find a way around this problem, but have encountered ANOTHER issue, which I'll describe here as you said this conversation is linked to the feature request. Hopefully someone will understand my pain!

Following your response I decided to export my Storyline MP4 video and import it into Replay so I could re-do the captions there (as I know from previous use that Replay DOES export to MP4 with captions. I then established that Storyline can export caption files, so I exported all 16 of my caption files as .VTT files but I then discovered that Replay does not import caption files...

Not to be outdone, I managed to find a convoluted way to open the .VTT files in Google Chrome, so that at least I could copy and paste each individual caption into the 'Lower Third' function in Replay, which I proceeded to do in painstaking fashion...

So, I get approximately halfway through the video, and to my complete dismay, just ONE of the original Storyline captions is suddenly there on the screen, and to make it worse, it STAYS on the screen for the rest of the video...so there is nothing I can do to remove it. I'm back to square one...I replayed the original MP4 exported from Storyline and realise that Storyline did indeed export just ONE of my captions and left it on screen, but how??

My next course of action is to go back to Storyline, and DELETE every single caption, then export it to MP4 again and then use the caption files I have already exported to add them back into the Lower Third in Replay. 

I have to admit I'm slightly simmering about this, as I'm now a week behind my promised delivery date and still haven't yet delivered. My customer has been very nice about it, but I feel like a bit of an idiot!

I've attached a screenshot showing the point where the rogue original Storyline caption appears...