Challenge - 360° video including hotspots in Storyline

Hello Storyline Heroes!

For an EHS eLearning, we are trying to build an interactive 360 virtual tour. The learner moves around a factory, and finds hotspots with quiz questions.


We are trying to achieve something similar to Montse Posner Anderson great example “making video more interactive” , but with the possibility for the learner to move around the area at its own pace.


This is an example of what we would like to create - but in Storyline:

(it’s in Sweedish – simply click on “Starta test”)


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any ideas!



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Hi !

I have a similar problem. I created a virtual tour with Panotour pro with hotspots.

I put my virtual tour in Storyline as a web object. It works :)

I add a javascript code to a hotspot like "alert("...."). It works when I'm clicking on :

javascript alert

Now, I want to add a javascript code to change a variable value in Storyline. I created a variable "myvar1" in Storyline as Boolean. I add this code to a hotspot in Panotour :  var player = GetPlayer(); player.SetVar("myvar1",True);

Unfortunatly, it doesn't work.

Have you any idea ? where have I to push my javascript code to communicate with Storyline ?

Thanks for your help !



Hi Alexandros,

I'm trying with this JS code : var player = parent.GetPlayer(); player.SetVar("myvar1",True);

but this doesn't work. SL seems to have no reaction. I make a button displaying variable's value (false by default). There is no change when I'm clicking on hotspot.

Maybe I need to add JS code in SL or Panotour to force SL to do what Panotour wants ?

I'm a student and this virtual visit is very important for my final graduate exam. Maybe I'm looking for an impossible communication ? ;)




Hi Michael,

Sorry I wasn'nt at work last days. I can't post my real project here (confidentiality) but here is a sample project with the same functions. I have 3 hotspots : 2 with simple text (lamp + wordmap) and the last one with JS Code (photo frame) : var player = parent.GetPlayer(); player.SetVar("myvar1",True);

I would like that the variable's that become "true" when the learner click on the photo frame.

Thanks for help



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> Well that's good on your end. I'm downloading the trial of PanoTour now so
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I'm working with panotour pro 2.5. To add javascript in hotspot, go to
style tab and modify an hotspot style by clicking on "advanced options".
The last one is javascript code I think. Then you can chose this style for
the hotspot on the scene. I will try to send you panotour file tomorrow
(I'm in France)