Character spacing in a data entry field


I am trying to add character spacing to a text entry box. It looks ok, when it is on the slide but when previewing the characters are back to the normal setting. Some formatting options do work, like bold, italics, setting a margin. The shape has "Do not auto fit". I was trying to lock the object (based on some other threads I read). But no result. 

Am I the chosen one or in general one can not apply text spacing to a text entry box? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pawel,

Thanks for posting here.  I just tested myself in Storyline 360 with Classic text and Modern text, and both showed that the line spacing wasn't retained while a user was entering text. I'll share this example with my team to take a look at and I can keep you posted here once I have any more info to share.

Nikolai Soderstrom

Similar issue here. I can't get Word Wrap or Vertical Alignment (Top) to stick on Text Entry. I have a Text Entry field that is allows for more than one line of text (a small paragraph). Do not autofit,  Word Wrap and Vertical (Top) Alignment are selected.

The behavior is Middle Alignment, with text entry getting entered infinitely on one line. The Georgia font does show correctly.

I also tried locking the field in the Timeline. Also tried shrink text on overflow with no improvement.

I'm using Storyline 360, Georgia font, 720x405 story size.