Closed Caption Icon does not appear

Aug 10, 2017

Hi Heros!

When I play my storyline 3 file, the closed captioning icon does not appear.  I have the Captions Control checked in Player Properties. I also inserted a video and .sbv file with the same name that I created using YouTube's functionality.  When I Preview the slide with the video and caption file, the Caption Icon does not appear.  I tried creating a new file and tried it again and it is still not working.  Can you think of why the Closed Caption Icon does not appear?

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MaryLou Francis

Hello - I am having the same issue with the CC icon not appearing in the Published project, even though it displays fine in the Storyline 360 version.  

Is there a resolution to this?

I have attached screenshots of the videos running in the two ways, Preview and Publish.  Bottom left icons do not appear in Published output.

Garfield Earlington

Hi all, 

I'm chiming in on this old post because I am suddenly having this issue of the CC button not displayed on published SCORM files. 

This is actually a course that was previously built by another designer that I have inherited and I only noticed the issue while reviewing the published version. I informed the SME that any eCourse with audio requires CC, come to find out, the CC files are already in the course but not displaying the button.

Audio is present on all slides, and CC is setup correctly, and I can view and edit them. As with others who reported this issue, the CC option in the player is checked, and it shows the button in the preview, however, when I publish the course, the CC button is not there, on any slides, including slides with no added layers, just a base layer, and no pause on the timeline. 

Oddly enough, I opened a second instance of SL 360 with a project that I created with audio VO's and CC. This project is working fine in terms of the CC button. I put both courses side-by-side to compare the settings, and the only thing I can see that is different is the aspect ratio. The course that is having issues with the CC button was saved with what looks like a 16:9 aspect ration, while my project was saved as 4:3.

Unfortunately due to compliance restrictions at my company, I am unable to post either SCORM file for you to review.

BTW, SL 360 was just updated yesterday, but I must say I am not sure if this issue was happening before the update of not.

Any assistance would be appreciated!    

Garfield Earlington


I checked the aspect ratio of the problem course and it was set to a custom size. When I changed it to 4:3, the cc button showed up on some slides, but not all. The cc's are there, but the menu was till showing "add captions" for the audio as if there was no CC text there.

When I clicked the "add captions" button for the audio on the slide, the CC text was already there. I just clicked "Save and Close" and that seemed to "reactivate" the CC text that was already there.

Karolina Magnowska

Hello Luciana, 

Thank you for your support. Matthew has already responded to me and now  I understand my problem was very easy to solve. 

I was sure if I add subtitles once, on the base layer, the CC button will appear on all of them. I didn't add the subtitles on the rest of the slides, because when I noticed there is no CC button on layers above, something is wrong. Fortunately the thing is that if you have no captions added, the CC button will not appear.

I hope it might be helpful for other new users (as I am) in the future :)

Thank you for your support!

Luciana Piazza

Hi Karolina, 

You're welcome! Wonderful to hear that Matthew was able to assist you in finding a solution! 

We appreciate you sharing the workaround in the forum! I'm sure others will find it useful as they come across this post! :) 

Wishing you the best with your project! Feel free to reach out in the forums with any other questions or findings. 

Also, I'd love to recommend viewing our Tutorials, On-Demand Webinars, and Live Webinars page as a reference point since you are newer to Articulate 360! We have a lot of helpful tips and tricks over there to get you started. 

Have a great start to 2023! ✨