Closed Caption of embedded video on iPad

Nov 10, 2013


I am trying to embed an Youtube video, which has closed caption into my storyline project.

When playing on PC (both for Flash and HTML5), it works well with the CC option.

However, when playing on a browser from mobile devices (Android phone and iPad), the video player doesn't have the option to display CC  - see image below. (using the same browser to view youtube video directly from, it has the CC option).

Please advise how I can display Closed Caption for embedded Youtube video on mobile devides. 

Thanks in advance.


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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Anh.

Google's Developer site has the following to say about this behavior:


...the HTML5 player does not currently support the cc_load_policy parameter, but you can still specify that parameter when creating an IFrame embed. If the embed loads the [Flash] player, the player will support the parameter, and if the embed loads the HTML5 player, the player will ignore it.


...sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

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