completion status in Moodle on Resume

Hello all.

this may be a moodle question but hope someone can help.

I have made a scorm package with 8 variables that change from false to true as people complete sections.  The home page displays completion status based on the variables and the quiz opens based on the variables.  If the package is completed at one sitting all is well.  Variables change, completion status on home page updates, quiz appears, etc. The problem shows up on resume.  In Moodle 2.9, only 3 variables of 8 retain their status of true on resume. This is consistent regardless of how many were true on exit. 

I tested the package in Moodle 3.1 in an online sandbox and 5 variables of 8 retain their status consistently. 

In Scormcloud, all variable work as expected so it does not seem to be a Storyline issue to me.

I have attached the file if it helps at all but I dont feel it is a Storyline problem.

Thanks for any insight into this.  I seem to be having a great deal of completion/resume issues lately and would love to clean this up.

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