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Heather McNally

I am working locally though I haven't tried importing. To be honest, I gave up and made my own pseudo radio buttons. The other problem I realized I had was that once I click the radio button, I cannot uncheck it. It remains checked. I needed the radio buttons in a situation where I wanted users to be able to toggle pictures on and off above the text defining the picture.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Heather,

I just tested this on Storyline 2 and I can copy and paste radio buttons I manually created from the "insert button" functionality, but as Phil mentioned you can't do it within a quiz question. Also in regards to selecting it and unselecting it - if you're using more than one radio button you'll want to make sure that they are not part of a button set. If they are, you can only select one at a time and selecting a new one will unselect the other one. You can read more about button sets here. 

David C

Hope you guys are still here. I am having this problem with storyline 2 update 4: 1501.717. on Windows 7

If i create a radio button by inserting a control, i cannot copy that button. If i try to right click and copy then right click and paste nothing happens. If i use Ctrl C and then Ctrl V storyline throws up a fault and windows shuts it down. It does not specify a fault just that storyline has stopped working and that windows will close it. Any ideas?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

We'll always be back - just staff isn't around weekends or (east coast) evenings for the most part, but the community generally is! 

I don't have any difficulty using copy/paste (either option) in Storyline 2 - but I'm also on the latest update (Update 7) so I'll look at downloading the latest update and also confirm you're working on project files as described here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

Ok - let's start from the beginning and check a few things as I didn't run into any issues with copy/paste of them. 

  1. Are you working on local project files as described here?  
  2. Did you check how this behaves on a brand new project file vs. your previous project? If it's only not working on the previous project can you look at importing it into a new project? 
  3. You're now updated and using Storyline 2 Update 7? You can check this by going to Help-> About Articulate Storyline and you'll see the update number there. 
  4. You've confirmed that you meet all the system requirements here. 
  5. Are you copying radio/check buttons that you inserted or are they part of a quiz question?
  6. Have you closed down any other programs while working in Storyline to see if those are interfering? 

In regards to the markers, could you show me an image of what you're describing? Since you've already installed the update, and the one behavior of copy/paste causes Storyline to crash and close, I think they next thing we'll want to do it have you pull the error logs as detailed here. There are directions on how to send them to our Support Engineers, and you'll want to also let the know the answers to everything above as well and link to this thread.  Once you send along, please let me know the case number so I can follow along as well. 

David C

Hi Ashley,

DUH! don't know why i didn't think of testing a new project... On a new project everything works as it should.

Some background, I have the task of renewing all of our compulsary online training, with an impossibly short timeline, of course!

I am new to storyline as we have previously used captivate.

I created a template to use and it seems that somehow the template got corrupted and was causing the problem everytime i used it to start a new project.

I have created a new template to use and now everything is fine. I have no idea what happened though.

I have attached an image of how the markers menu looked for your interest.

Thank you very much for your time and effort, especially for kicking me in the butt about the new project :)


David C

Hi David T

As Ashely reminded me, try a brand new project and see if everthing works as it should. As you can see above for me it turned out to be a file i was using as a template to start new projects. I remade that file and all seems to be well. I have had the problem where SL2 will not publish correctly and locks up. I have had to use Task Manager in windows to shut SL2 down. I am wondering if this corrupted my file. I would be interested in if you can see your markers or does it look like the image in my previous posts?


Tricia Ransom

I'm still experiencing this problem. My issues are:

  • Format painter does not work - randomly copies some states' formatting, but not others.
  • Copy/paste of a radio button crashes SL2.
  • Happens for radio buttons created through the Control menu.
  • Same results for an existing project or a brand new project.

I am working on a local drive, SL2 update 11: 1609.3020. My laptop is running Windows 7.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tricia!

This happens in any course? Not just a particular one? I know you mentioned the format painter issue here, but I do not have an update on that.

Would you be able to share a sample file with our support team here to take a look? I do see where we have a slightly similar issue reported and I'll add this thread for reference, but we only have one report/project to look at.