Cornerstone LMS lightbox issue with IE?

Jun 10, 2019

Has anyone run into an issue using the lightbox functionality with CSOD in IE?

I have created courses using lightboxes and they work perfectly in Chrome but when you click the lightbox link in IE, the window collapses and my end users are assuming the course is crashing and trying to start it over. I havent been able to find any evidence that this is a known issue or if it's just something happening with our LMS. 

We are using IE version 11.0.110

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Daniel Carroll

I have tested in SCORM Cloud (just did again to be sure) and the course functions as it should and the lightbox links are not causing this issue.

edit: to clarify...the issue is not occurring in SCORM Cloud but persists in CSOD/IE. Realized I may have phrased this like the issue had been resolved when it hadnt

Daniel Carroll

It does not replicate in SCORM cloud....I definitely think its an issue with CSOD's compatibility with IE. For now I'm removing lightboxes and/or using hotspots as the trigger instead of hyperlink-style triggers. Just wondered if anyone else who uses CSOD had experienced similar issues.

We have been in touch with CSOD over this but so far there hasn't been a resolution.

Daniel Carroll

We received feedback from our ticket with CSOD that seems to have fixed the issue. When configuring the courses in CSOD for publishing, under the General tab we had been selecting IE10 (highest available option....and what CSOD had previously suggested we use) from the Compatibility Mode dropdown. They instructed us to instead select None. I did that and the issue was no longer occurring when i tested the courses in both our pilot and live environments. 

While it's great that this fixed it, I'm still completely baffled how this started happening out of nowhere. I had courses that were published 2-3 months ago and have been live without any reports of this issue that started running into this problem only last week. Hopefully this is a long term fix and the issue doesn't pop up again.

Gerry Wasiluk

I hear you.  :)

"Die, IE, die!"  :)   I don't know what's worse--IE or the endless Flash player upgrade prompts.

We're hoping either Chrome or the new Microsoft Edge browser (with the Chrome engine) gets adopted eventually. (I'm assuming Articulate would support that browser since its from Microsoft.)

The weird thing is this client forces use of Chrome for certain other corporate apps but refuses to do the same for the LMS.  Puzzling . . .

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