Course restarts after completing quiz and viewing Results slide in Articulate 360

Oct 13, 2017

I recently converted some of Storyline 2 to Storyline 360 and exported them as Tin Can files. I'm running them on Learndash using Grassblade LRS and xAPI Companion. I have my player settings as "Prompt to Resume" on restart. The prompt to resume functionality works fine on the first few slides when I exit the course and then reopen it to pick up where I left off when prompted. However, once I get to the results slide and meet the quiz requirements, something seems to break. If I exit AFTER the results slide, and then reopen the course, I SHOULD get another prompt to choose where I left off like I do in the Storlyline 2 files (running on the same platform)... but it automatically resets the course and starts me over on slide 1. Again, the Storyline 2 files that are still on my platform continue to work correctly so I wouldn't think this is an LMS issue. Something happened in the conversion as this is only happening with the files I converted to 360. Is there a setting that gets added with the conversion or something? Please help! Thanks

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Patrick de Guzman

Hey Alyssa,

Have there been any further updates on solutions for this issue? I've published my quiz on Storyline 2 using all four tracking settings (Passed/Incomplete, Passed/Failed, Complete/Incomplete, and Completed/Failed) and the issue still persists. One odd and interesting thing though that I found was that if I reduced the question number in my quiz to anything below 13, it doesn't replicate the issue. It simply go back to the result slide upon re-launching it.


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Patrick.  Thanks for that interesting note -- it almost sounds like the suspend data might be at play here.  Your description doesn't match the issue we have documented specific to the complete/incomplete status.

Can you share your .story file with us for testing?  You can upload it to our support team here, and they can have a look at what's going on.

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