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Keith Freeman

I'm lucky. I sit next to a Javascript/PHP/MySQL developer who helped me out.

I executed javascript on the submit button using this javascript.

var player=GetPlayer();

var nameValue = player.GetVar("Name");

var scoreValue = player.GetVar("score"); var sessionValue = Math.floor(Math.random()*9999999999999999999999999999);

var url = "YOURURL


window.location = url;

Robin King

Kevin,  so I can forecast how long it takes to "do" a game like this in Storyline, how long did it take you to get this game out?  Please include the time developing the concept, graphics, gathering all the assets together and then putting it here in the forums.



P.S. It is brilliantly executed!  Bravo

Keith Freeman

That's a tricky question Robin. I wouldn't say I planned it out too well since it's a new software and I was just trying things as I went. I changed concepts several times. At one point I had it to where the user could choose the routes they wanted to play. So rather then start at the "blue" route the user could choose to play all 4 routes or just 3 or 2 and so on. My testers felt that was too confusing so I dropped it and made it more linear.  I also started to include questions that utilized the avatar more in different scenarios but quickly realized with all the links that it would be much too long of a process.

Long story short now that I'm more familiar with Storyline's features and if you're more organized then me I  would say it should take a few weeks.

If there were a way in "question banks" to eliminate a question once it's been answered it would have definitely sped things up.  I've tried to upload the project file a few times and I keep getting a server error. I'll upload it as soon as I can.

Thanks again everyone for the comments. 

Andre Kruger

Keith Freeman said:

Hey everyone just wanted to share this new game I created using Storyline. I'm loving the software. The ability to add variables and triggers is a great feature.

It's called "Hub & Spoke" and was created to help people learn about telemedicine.


Very nice Keith, Storyline is amazing, especially with your help!