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Keith Freeman

I'm lucky. I sit next to a Javascript/PHP/MySQL developer who helped me out.

I executed javascript on the submit button using this javascript.

var player=GetPlayer();

var nameValue = player.GetVar("Name");

var scoreValue = player.GetVar("score"); var sessionValue = Math.floor(Math.random()*9999999999999999999999999999);

var url = "YOURURL


window.location = url;

Keith Freeman

That's a tricky question Robin. I wouldn't say I planned it out too well since it's a new software and I was just trying things as I went. I changed concepts several times. At one point I had it to where the user could choose the routes they wanted to play. So rather then start at the "blue" route the user could choose to play all 4 routes or just 3 or 2 and so on. My testers felt that was too confusing so I dropped it and made it more linear.  I also started to include questions that utilized the avatar more in different scenarios but quickly realized with all the links that it would be much too long of a process.

Long story short now that I'm more familiar with Storyline's features and if you're more organized then me I  would say it should take a few weeks.

If there were a way in "question banks" to eliminate a question once it's been answered it would have definitely sped things up.  I've tried to upload the project file a few times and I keep getting a server error. I'll upload it as soon as I can.

Thanks again everyone for the comments. 

Andre Kruger

Keith Freeman said:

Hey everyone just wanted to share this new game I created using Storyline. I'm loving the software. The ability to add variables and triggers is a great feature.

It's called "Hub & Spoke" and was created to help people learn about telemedicine.


Very nice Keith, Storyline is amazing, especially with your help!

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