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Keith Freeman

Lance G. said:


Thanks for sharing the project file, I'm just beginning to dig into it.

I'm actually quite curious how you created that button with the right arrow in slide 1.2. I can't figure out how it's done - am I missing something in SL? The built-in arrow icons are tiny...

Do you have a screen shot of what you're talking about?

Keith Freeman

Adam Schwartz said:

Love this Keith! I like how lively the whole experience felt. 

Did you also do the graphics personally?

Hey Adam,

Thanks. The graphics aren't from scratch. I used to be more of a purist but have come to my senses that it just takes too much time. Most of the graphics are stock images that I've manipulated in Illustrator. So I would say, "kind of...". 

Keith Freeman

Mandy c. said:

Hello Keith:

Would u mind to enlighten me ?

I wonder how to do this?

When selected avatar how to make to avatar picture appeared on another slide?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Mandy,

Like many things with software, there are several different ways to achieve the same outcome, but to do this I suggest watching the tutorials on triggers and variables. When I have some time I'll try and create a screencast. Thanks for the feedback.

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