Custom Keyboard Shortcuts Fail To Work

Aug 13, 2015

Hello. I am trying to get 508 to work in Storyline, and testers here tell me that the Left/Right arrows must work for previous and next button functionality. I tried to create a custom keyboard shortcut on the master slide to get Storyline to do that, and these fail to work. Here is the tempshare:

The .story file is attached.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi David! This is actually an issue that has been raised with our QA Team and they are looking into this. Seems that unless you click back on the slide to re-gain focus, then the navigation does not work.

I will share this thread with them for awareness and so that I can update when applicable. 

As a workaround you can apply the trigger to the navigation buttons and slide.

david mckisick

Thanks for the update. I tried moving the triggers from the Master Slide to the regular slides and it still did not work for me, although maybe I do not understand what you mean Leslie. The way I am doing it now is to create a trigger>Advance to Slide>Next Slide>User Presses a Key>Left/Right button>the Slide. Is there another way I can setup the trigger to make it work?

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