Custom Resume Page

Oct 03, 2021

Basically this is a feature request. Now when a user quits a course and comes back later on a LMS he gets a black screen with a resume and restart button. I donot think this is good enough for many courses. I would prefer creating a custom slide inside Storyline where we can style and add the looks and feel of the resume page as we want.

In fact what would be needed is simple in fact. Just the option inside Storyline to show a custom slide when resuming.

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Matthew Malandro

Hey Math,

Having options to customize the resume behavior is a great idea. I found this resource on customizing resume behavior that may interest you. 

You can change the text and behavior of the resume action by following the steps in the article.

If you are looking for something more, you can detail your idea by requesting a product feature using this link

I hope this info is helpful!