Custom SUBMIT button not working

Feb 07, 2018


We've created a Hotspot activity with a custom submit button and removed the player submit button. However, when selecting the hotspot, even if it's the correct answer, the custom submit button considers it as incorrect.

Can anyone please take a look at the storyfile?



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Wendy Farmer

Trying putting your custom submit button on a layer and add two triggers:

  1. to show  Submit layer when the hotspot is selected and
  2. to show Submit layer when users clicks outside hotspot 

Then add the submit interaction trigger on the Submit layer.

Attached is a sample file and here is a peek of it working

David Breen

Maybe the wrong place put this seems recent. I have a Free form Drag and Drop and I've built a custom Submit button.

4 Drags and 4 Targets. Drag 1 to Drop 1, 2 to 2 etc. I want to have unlimited attempts. When I click the submit button is there any way to keep the Drags that are correct in their Drop Correct state and any of the drags they got wrong to snap back to their original spot?

Aside from reloading the entire Slide each time they click the submit button with wrong answers is this possible? Or is the Submit button only used to check for correct and incorrect answers and then providing feedback?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

Never the wrong place, you're always welcome to tag into another discussion or start a new one! 

The design of a drag and drop slide is to leave the items where they were dropped so that a user can move them again, and only have to move the ones they *think* they got wrong. 

You can use the built-in drop correct/incorrect states if you wanted to let them know which ones were wrong, but there isn't an option in the drag and drop set up to only snap back the incorrect. The cool thing about the states is they'll work without triggers - you can see all the definitions and how they'll behave here.

If you'd still like to reset the slide and have the learners try again with everything reset, take a look at one idea here.

David Breen

Thanks Walt! Very clever.

With this hack I don't suppose you were able to figure out a method to keep your drag items randomized? This currently does the trick for me but I would probably have to give up my randomization. If I only dragged one item to the location and it was wrong, then clicked submit there's a good chance it goes to the location of another drag item and gets hidden behind it.

I might be able to set up a scenario where the only way my submit button is active is when all 4 drags have been placed on a hotspot. That way the original randomization is kept on Screen load and then they don't overlap after submit. 

Thanks for the great idea, Walt.


Hi Wendy, similar issue and I have cross referenced with another thread here (for multiple hotspots submit on player, from Alyssa Gomez 4 years ago). I followed your sample above and have come one step closer. But for some reason, even if I select the correct response, the incorrect feedback still shows. I am disabling the player as well and I am at a loss as to what I am missing? Can you help please? Thanks!


That's the interesting thing Walt: the form view shows it is the correct selection. However, in the slide view, it is actually the third image/hotspot that's the correct response.

I have amended to follow timeline and slide view (third image/HS) and ignore what was being shown in the form view. So far, now working.


Walt Hamilton

When you use the Submit trigger, the interaction is evaluated in accordance with the Form View:


You can easily change which hotspot is the correct answer, by clicking in the Edit the hotspots pane, Just note that the hotspots are not listed from left to right, but in the order they were created. That's why the third spot is in the second position in the list.