customise color of subtitle

Apr 23, 2018

Hi everyone,

someone can tell me the way for customising the font color of the subtitle and the background color of the subtitle zone ?

Thanks a lot,


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William Hirsch

Hi Frédéric,

I looked around for this as well, and the only relevant information I can find is this:

Storyline 360 supports bold, italic, and underline formatting in caption files as well as voice tags to indicate which person is speaking. All other formatting tags, such as font and font color, will be ignored. (Use the caption font setting in your player properties to specify which font should be used for your closed captions.)

Perhaps the thinking is that for accessibility reasons (this may even be a requirement), the player must have control of the formatting of captions/subtitles so that they can be adjusted based on the need (high contrast, non-red/green, extra kerning, etc).

I'll be following along to see if there is a method or workaround.


Lauren Connelly

Greetings Ulrich!

We don't currently have a way to customize the background of subtitles. I understand this would be beneficial, so I've added your comments to our current feature request. I don't have an exact timeline to share as to when we will ship this feature in Storyline 360, but I'll update this discussion when I have more information.

Thank you for taking the time to share this with us!