Customized State not persisting

I've created a customized state that does not persist after saving the file. I have copied the slides into another project and the states do not stick. The state defaults to "selected" even if the customized state is created from scratch and is title something else entirely. 

After saving, the state disappears and selected appears instead so all of my triggers are broken and then I fix them over and over.

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Walt Hamilton

 I looked at the first slide, and it worked for me. Although I would add that I, personally, would call those states "Faded", or something other than "fade". That's because there is an animation called "fade", and you don't want to take even the smallest chance of confusing SL.

The objects don't have a checked state, only a selected. But if you edit the trigger, it adds the checked state and puts it in the trigger, EVEN IF you take NO action while editing. Just opening the editor is enough. I did this several times, and each time, it adds another Selected state. There is definitely some corruption here, but importing the slide into a new project did correct it. I think it is a question for the support team.