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Andy Learning Specialist

Take the original video file and edit using Camtasia. Then export it back to whatever video file you use (mp4 or whatever) and then import that file back into Storyline.

Aspect ratio won't change unless you manually choose to change it. When you resize/crop a video in Storyline for example, it doesn't let you change the aspect ratio, it just cuts off the parts that don't fit.

Michele Liggett

I found Camtasia is changing the resolution of the screen recording so I lose clarity by doing so. That's one reason we purchased Articulate Storyline, was that Camtasia didn't produce crisp images in the screen recordings.

Anyway, I found another way to edit a middle section of a storyline recording. I made a copy of the screencast in the same Scene. On one version I trimmed the end of the video to right before the bad part. On the second version I trimmed the beginning of the video to right after the bad part. This way I removed the bad section where the video jumped on me. This might become cumbersome if there were many sections that had to be removed in a video. In that case I would probably just rerecord the screencast.

Walt Hamilton

I use Microsoft MovieMaker. Free download, and designed for editing movies, which makes it much easier and more flexible.

1. Open movie

2. Locate beginning of section to delete

3. Click on Edit tab and choose split

4. Locate end of delete section and split.

5. Right click in section and choose Remove

6. Save movie. Choose "For computer"

It defaults to .mp4, which is what SL wants.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Michelle -- As this thread is a bit dated and Eleanor and other participants may no longer be subscribed, you are welcome to reach out to individuals directly using the "Contact Me" link on their profile page. 

And in addition to Walt's suggestion above, I thought i might also share the following where recommendations for video editing software has been discussed:

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Hope that helps! :)

Katie Riggio

Hello Lynn,

Thanks for reaching out! 

I appreciate your insight into having more video editing capabilities in Storyline. I'll share your voice with the team and update you here if we make a change that will help.

To explore the built-in video editor's available options, check out this resource: