DEMO: Evaluating Multiple Fill in the Blank - SL2 Source File

Jan 13, 2017

Hi everyone,

I've seen this question posed a few times lately and thought I would share a sample I created.  Uses the Freeform Pick One quiz slide type.

  • Evaluate one text entry field that can have multiple answers
  • Evaluate multiple text entry fields with multiple answers using variables
  • Evaluate multiple text entry fields that only have one answer

As always - shout out with any questions.

Update: Linking to Jeanette Brooks original screencast that got the ball rolling for this type of interaction -->screencast


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Indrani Sen

This is just so wonderful.  It is explained so well. Thank you for sharing.  However I am running into a problem.  Instead of getting the 'Correct' and 'Incorrect' response, I keep getting the message 'You must complete the question before submitting'.  I must be doing something really stupid.  Here is a screenshot of correct response,  feedback message and the original file.  I will keep checking too. Thanks again Alyssa and Wendy.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Indrani

check the order of your triggers - you are submitting the interaction before you have changed the correct/incorrect buttons to selected so SL doesn't think you've answered the question yet.  Move the Submit interaction trigger to the bottom after the two change state triggers.

Another tip - once you set the trigger for the correct button with all the conditions, you can set the trigger for the incorrect button:

Change state of incorrect button to selected when user clicks submit button on condition 'correct button' is not selected...makes it quicker if you  have lots of TE fields.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Indrani 

you need to be careful of the naming of variables and which one you use in the triggers (it can get a little tricky).  So while you changed the name of the variables in the timeline, you were actually referencing the wrong ones.

This was your trigger condition:

These are my trigger conditions  to match your triggers 

and it works as expected. You'll notice down the left hand side I have added the variable references on screen so I can make sure they are being validated by SL when control loses focus.

I've attached your updated file...all the best.

Indrani Sen


I have another question, and I guess this is a 'variable' question.  I created a new slide using the same variables, but I am getting 'Incorrect response' even when I select the correct choice.  Do you think I need to change the 'input textbox' names.  Logically this should work as these are the same field names.  Here is the project.  In slide # 2, it does not work.  Do I need to change any variable name? Thanks

Indrani Sen

Flagged to the user when they submit on a page.   For example, if they get the fourth blank 'wrong' , they will get a visual cuing or a message.  On each card there are four answers. If you get three correct and one wrong, you just received the “incorrect” response. Instead, Is there a way that just the incorrect entries could be flagged?  Thanks

Indrani Sen

Wendy, you are the best.  What can I say?  This is brilliant :)  Thank you so much. However, I do have a question abut this instance,

Sometimes, on the second attempt, when the user gets it 'correct', the 'cross' icon stays on.  Wonder if it will be confusing to users. Also, if in the 'incorrect' response, if we can get a message which gives user the option to retry or just go to the next exercise?  can tis be done.

Loved your analysis.  You are the best :)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Indrani

there was only one attempt on the quiz slide so I assumed they weren't getting a second attempt

so in your images above you have now added a Try again button - if you change the attempts to more than one you will get a Try again layer where the user can have as many attempts as you want..  What do you want to happen when the user clicks this?


Indrani Sen

Hi Wendy,

I have been working on this project and added few more slides.  Slides 1& 2 work perfectly.

However, I noticed that  slides 3 and 4, things do not work.  To be specific, I keep getting 'x' marks for right answers. I have checked my code again and again but everything looks good.  Also I always get everything right for slides 3 and  4 in preview mode.  however in 'publish' mode, things do not work.  I have no idea what I am doing wrong.  Please could you take a look?

Many thanks,


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