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Patricia Crowell

IBM has went to MACs.  You know, small company of 500,000 employees.  Recently, I tried to get a group on Articulate and it all fell through when they realized that on top of the license, they had to add the cost of Fusion and Windows.  A few tried the trial license, but had so much trouble getting it all setup that they went back to other products that do far less, but were far easier on the budget and time spent setting it all up.  Not sure what the cost would be to do this, but I know a development group based in Kansas that is far cheaper than off-shoring development.  Just something to consider!

Lilian Austin

I think that the team at Articulate are deaf to these requests. At the
moment I use their product on an old PC and do all my other elearning work
on a Mac. I do so because two clients want Storyline output but it's a pain
fitting it in to my work processes. However if my clients change their mind
I will definitely be giving up my very expensive Articulate 360 licence.
Such a shame when nearly every other product I use has both Mac and PC


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Adam Wells

Hi Patricia

As you can see from Justin's response the Mac is not on their roadmap.

Based partly on this and after some research and discussion my company are probably going to go over to Adobe Captivate, starting as soon as next week. There are a lot of us, but we will gradually move people over a few at a time to prevent any disruption. The 2019 version now supports VR learning as well, which is something we are already into.

This situation is not what we wanted, but not supporting the Mac leaves us no choice but to jump ship. 

Thank you to all who have commented on this subject.

Regards Adam

Lilian Austin

I do all my work on a Mac which includes developing straight into an LMS,
developing graphic designs, working on video editing etc. I have my
password manager and billing software on my Mac. EVERYTHING is on my Mac,
apart from Storyline. So I have to physically move to my old PC to create a
Storyline for a client and then do all the embedding etc back in my Mac. I
don't want to do the parallels thing (apart from the added expense) as my
experience doing that with Articulate Engage a few years back was terrible.
It just didn't perform anything like it did on a PC. So I reluctantly pay
the rather large Storyline fee because my clients want it.

If possible I try and talk clients into using something else like H5P which
is now installed in lots of Learning Management systems in Australia. It
may not be as flexible but I can usually get a workaround, and the clients
can often make subsequent edits.

As much as I enjoy using Storyline, I will ditch it as soon as i no longer
have clients that specifically ask for it. Shame really.

Lilian Austin
e-learning Consultant
Home: +61 3 97120371
Mobile: 040 3488 748

My Professional Portfolio

Skype: Lilianaustin1

Linked in - au.linkedin.com/in/lilianaustin

Amanda Deardorff

Another vote here for a native Mac app. Our Instructional Design Team all use Storyline on Parallels. I have been an articulate user since 2010 and I much prefer the products over others. However, all of our other development products are on Mac, Storyline is the only reason we even have Parallels installed. We have recently started having issues with our Parallels installs in general, not specifically Articulate products, which has hindered our use of Storyline. It would be much less problematic for us to have Storyline natively. I would also not be opposed to having Presenter add-in for PPT 2016 for Mac, since we are here talking about Mac apps. 

Justin Grenier

Lilian, I just wanted to share that we've documented some tricky Parallels settings that may help improve your experience on the Mac.  ...and if you still have trouble, our team is really experienced with working through challenges.  Much of the Articulate team works from a Mac, and I'm fond of saying that my Mac is the fastest, most reliable PC I've owned!  😀

In addition, just a heads-up that your email signature comes through when you reply via email.  Feel free to pop back in to edit out your contact information from the post.

Lilian Austin

Thanks for the offer. If I get lots more Storyline work I may consider
parallels again but I just don't fancy the extra effort and, in my previous
experience, the additional poor outcomes. Last time I used parallels with
Articulate products certain parts of the screen were unresponsive, menus
didn't appear, interactivity didn't work as expected. That was in the days
when I worked for a university and had a helpful techie person nearby. I
run my own business now so want a seamless experience. Just wish Articulate
would listen.

Toni McMurray

I just looked into purchasing Storyline. The software looks awesome. I made the decision to purchase and then saw that there is no mac version, so I will be looking else where. I wonder if Articulate is really aware of how 'big' (or small in their eyes) the apple market is?? There are tons of 'creators' who are are mac users... and I don't believe Articulate know how many people are turning away from not purchasing when they see there is no apple version. Not everybody tells you why they don't buy... We just walk away and move on... 

Dylan Hill

I cannot overstate how much my company (an eLearning studio) wants a native Mac version of Storyline. We all use Macs here and Storyline is literally the sole reason we need to run VMs of Windows on our computers. Storyline's performance when running within a VM (we've tried both VM Ware and Parallels) is poor at best, even on high-end hardware. Rise simply doesn't offer the features we need. Considering the number of design studios, where Mac hardware if often the standard, who are creating eLearning, it's hard to understand how Articulate isn't seeing the value in supporting us. Sigh. 

Alli Tosti

I completely agree with everyone stating how much a Mac version of storyline is. I find it hard to believe it's not even in your roadmap at all... like not even in 2030!? Do you have plans to create a web based platform that fully integrates the capabilities of Articulate 360 not just Rise? Rise does not work for our final product. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Alli,

I understand where you're coming from and appreciate the feedback. Right now, we don't have plans to develop a web-based version of desktop tools like Storyline 360 or Studio 360.

If there's anything we can do to help you get Storyline 360 up and running on a virtual machine on your Mac, we're here for you. Reach out to us anytime right here. 

Don Macfarlane

Are there any plans to release a Cloud-based SaaS solution of Storyline? This way everyone would be happy and issues around OS would be rendered moot.

I was likewise shocked to find out that Storyline is not available on Mac. During the introduction and download, there is no mention of this. In fact, it allows download of a windows executable as though that is of any use. Furthermore, many of the "dual boot" solutions do not work on MacBook Air but only on Mac Pro given the additional resources needed to run a parallel OS. Moreover, anyone that has worked with IT around graphics knows that the issues multiply when you do dual OS with single graphics hardware.

What gets me the most is that those that produce graphic assets primarily use MAC. In fact, Articulate's own graphics are quite nice and show an appreciation of great design. The segment of users for whom this is attractive are exactly the Mac users.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Don,

Our current cloud-based authoring tool is Rise 360, as a part of the Articulate 360 suite which has a few other tools for use on a Mac:

  • Peek 360, our native screen-recording app for Mac, allows you to record brief training videos. Install it from the Mac App Store.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders in Review 360, a web app for collecting feedback on your e-learning projects.
  •  Articulate 360 Training exclusive, online webinars hosted by Tom Kuhlmann and other industry experts to help grow your e-learning skills.

If we make any changes to Storyline 360 to support Mac authoring or a cloud-based solution we'll let folks know here! 

Jasmine Taylor

As a creator and Mac user, it is very disheartening that Articulate STILL refuses to recognize that creators, designers, and developers overwhelmingly use Macs. Parallels can cause issues because of Windows. There's no way my company is going for installing it onto a Mac. I work for a university (i.e. a hub of learning). It makes the software unusable. This is a shame.