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Ryan Schwartz

Robert, you might want to clarify your statement, because the way I read this - you are calling everyone on this post "Sheeple" and telling them to buy MACS.:)

And I would kindly disagree. Many designers use software that requires a lot of processing. Every PC I've owned took 5 times the amount of time to process a task than a Mac. For example, my 8 GB PC would would take 6 minutes to export a 2 minute edited video (Adobe Premiere). My 8 GB Mac does it in 1. I know there are other factors to compare, but I've had better graphics cards, video cards, and more RAM on a PC, and still was outperformed by my Mac of lesser "power."

Ryan Schwartz

Kiran, It has been very good overall. I hate that my company has to pay for a subscription, but that's the best we can do without a Mac version of Articulate. The biggest issues I have has to do with pixel size. When you are extending your screen to another monitor, it's very hard to manage the aspect ratio (you have to play around with the display settings a lot) and the size of the app itself. I stopped using my laptop screen because of it and strictly use a second very large monitor. 

Another issue is the keyboard shortcuts are different on PCs, and many of them do not work in Storyline using a Mac in Parallels.

The other issue I was having was that Storyline would save an instance of a project every time I would save it (in a location very hard to find in the Windows folder structure), which was crushing my hard drive and filling up my entire 1 TB space. I found it in a "Storyline Cache" folder, but still have to continually delete these instances.

Babette Novak

I dislike buying tools that require me to purchase other tools just to make them run. Having to run Parallels, as well as update Windows and buy Microsoft Office (because for whatever reason Storyline won't point to my Mac version of Office for outputting a Word doc for review), is ludicrous. Why do I do it? Because at the moment I haven't found another tool I or my clients like as well for its features. 

I'm confident there is a tool out there that will rise to overcome Articulate by offering a superior eLearning dev product for Mac AND Windows users. When it does, Articulate will learn just how many Mac owners comprised their 'vast majority of users'.

Vivienne Eggers

As a person who has organization management consulting experience as well as the LMS nuts and bolts, I'm looking at how much market share Articulate truly is missing out on with such a limited strategy.  Although Apple integration may be considered an expensive outlay - to consider in this era that a Windows only or non native platform will prevail is in my opinion not sound economic strategy for business ROI - let alone the customers.  For a start - just think of the majority of Mac users who actually dominate graphic capability software - i.e. the concentration of publishing, education sector courseware development, graphics, gaming, video, film and web design industries who proportionately favour MAC OS.  The x platforms require disabling whats good for a digital designer.  It's kind of like saying you'll stick only with "Myspace and not Facebook as well..." (oops).

Don't get me wrong.  I appreciate Microsoft platform and products also.  But if you are considering a sound business decision - you need to consider your large target market into corporations will have issues with allowing alternative OS usage by employees away from the IT environment - i.e. in the LMS or marketing, communications and business interfacing genre where most of digital courseware is developed.

So although it seems a good product, I'm back to Adobe which I can use on either. 

Nikoleta Despodova


This is interesting becuuse my experience with VW has been terrible - everything takes forever to open/load, screen recording crashes like every single time, some commands are missing, like I can't delete things (I usually use the cut command). Definitely not my smartest investment.

Kristin Rowbotham

I'd add another reason for needing a mac version is so that your users can have a similar experience as you when demo-ing. I am creating a screencast, but I want to use Replay, not Peek. Peek really doesn't do anything more than Quicktime, which is automatically added to a mac.

If I have to use Parallels for a screencast, then the actions I take will be what is needed for a PC. Whereas 95% of my company has a mac, so it is going to look completely different for them. 

In the SaaS world, almost everyone has a mac. It's really time to build out this product.

Bob Wiker

You can also run Storyline on your Mac by using VNC software. Works great, no Mac slowdown or config issues, and you don't have to "physically move to your old PC"!  I think you'll like it. Read on:


James Sadler

As a freelancer I'm keen to avoid extra costs as I'm either working for less or pricing myself out of the market if I use Storyline. Thankfully very few clients insist on Storyline, when they do I have to decline the work - not something I ever want to do but I have to as I don't want to convert my entire life (phone, tablets, laptops and computer) to the world of Windows

Nicole Anglin

That is our issue here too. You cannot record anything in a Mac-specific environment and it looks different to someone that doesn't use Windows. We have programs that we need to train on that run in Mac and windows and we need to create training for the Mac users, not just the Windows users.

Brissa Ramos

Articulate 360 not having a Mac version, really is a shame...I'm running storyline on my Mac through the VMWare, but it isn't an ideal situation. I have to go back and forth regularly, and it doesn't make it for an easy and convenient process.  Also, it bugs down my computer. I wish they would re-consider releasing a Mac version for Storyline.

Kayleen Holt

Another Mac user here. I use Parallels with a Windows virtual machine, but I run into SOOO many issues with Windows (not to mention all the headaches that come with having to copy my files, etc.) that I'd really love a native Mac version. Can Articulate at least give us a space (link) to request this as a way to collect all the votes? I feel like our voices aren't even being heard. Maybe one exists already and I'm not aware of it?

Lilian Austin

Kayleen I think they don't want to hear. I have now cancelled my
Articulate subscription. Whenever someone request the Mac version they fob
us off with pathetic arguments.

Here is the latest I got before I cancelled my subscription:
"I'm sorry, there isn't a native Mac version of Storyline on our roadmap.
The vast majority of our customers use Windows and web-based authoring
tools that don’t depend on a particular operating system. And we're focused
on developing features that have the widest impact. For example, Articulate
360 subscribers can use Rise 360 to create courses right in their web
browsers, and we’re continually updating Rise 360 with new features."

Probably the vast majority of customers are windows users because they have
alienated every Mac user (and there are so many that work in education).
My guess is that they will rue the day that they didn't put it on their
roadmap. I'm looking for something Mac friendly and a lot less expensive.

Good luck

Lilian Austin
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Aaron Hunt

I recently started an educational consulting firm and once considered using Articulate 360 as one of the primary tools for e-learning instructional design. However, the optimal platform for our design work is macOS, given its superior capabilities with design and multimedia. Another strength that macOS has for us is its reliability and security from an operational standpoint. While it is essential to take into consideration the needs of your existing clients, the company is limiting themselves in terms of who can take full advantage of the products and services you offer. 

It is rare now to come across software companies that will create software for only one platform when there are many (Google OS, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, etc.). Windows may be what the largest share of your clients use currently, but no business stays in business using the same technology indefinitely. The tech industry is extremely competitive, and it is always evolving. The compatibility of your software needs to keep up with the evolving needs of the marketplace. The lack of willingness to be compatible across operating systems will ultimately keep potential clients away. Why spend hundreds of dollars on add-ons for compatibility when my company can invest in a tool that is closer to universal compatibility? Even if I could afford to, that is not an optimal use of company resources.

Seriously, at least take into consideration the compatibility of ALL your tools (not just Peek 360) to macOS and iOS. So many people use iPhones and iPads, and that would enhance accessibility for your existing clients and open the door to clients who use macOS because of it more conducive to their business model.

Alexander Reid

I have been following this issue for almost five years and was surprised to finally see Articulate switch their official corporate positioning from "we don't discuss software development plans" to finally admitting that they have no intention to release a macOS version of Storyline.  I know a couple of years ago they were looking for macOS development employees, maybe that didn't work out so well.

Anyways, for anyone complaining about the extra licensing of Parallels, you can use Oracle VirtualBox, it's free.  I've been using that for about five years.  It's a pain to reserve like 8 GB of your RAM for a virtual operating system of Windows 10, but it works well.  I had it on a 2011 iMac (i7 + 16 GB RAM) and it was fine, and obviously still good with 2019 system.

Lilian Austin

It's all too late for me. I've ditched Articulate. It was terribly
expensive on an annual basis and the added hassle of not being Mac ready
made it a very unattractive option.

Lilian Austin
e-learning Consultant
Home: +61 3 97120371
Mobile: 040 3488 748

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Mikel LaPorte

this is disappointing news. While I've been using 360 for a few years now, I've always done so on my work provided laptop. Now that I have been furloughed (no income coming in) I now have to figure out a way to purchase additional software that I won't use for anything else just so I can continue to use a product I've already paid for for the next year. I hope you all reevaluate the MAC issue moving forward.