Does javaScript still work in Storyline 360?

Feb 19, 2021

I have been trying to get my previous versions to work in Storyline 360. I appears that any Javascript to send to an email or print, even a print button on a slide do not work. I'm wondering if any Javascript works still.

The only solution is to publish as html5 as well as flash for old browsers. This publishes the Javascript files needed for the Javascript to work. Publishing for html5 does not publish the extra files and Javascript will not work in the modern browser, even if it is published over the original flash version.

Are others having problems getting javascript to run with the lastest version on 360/ My version is 3.48.24159.0.

Will this be fixed before flash option is removed? Or this there another option?


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Julie Rourke

Ok, I'll create a cut down version to share.

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