Draw from Question Bank keeps giving me the same question in Storyline2

Oct 24, 2014

I am trying to make a board game where the draw from question bank opens to a light box and randomly draws a question for discussion. It is  for a face-to-face game using a tablet as a board. The way the score is tracked is for each user to drag their marker around the board.

Upon completeing the discussion on the question the players select a FINISHED button and return to the board . When they select the next question button, it keeps showing the same question as before. Only if I close and reopen the presentation do I get a new question. I have all the revisiting set to reset to intial state.

I can get new questions to display if I add a RESTART course trigger, but then my markers go back to the beginning.

The drag and drop on the markers is another issue...that I will work on next.




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jim,

When they select the next question - are they clicking on a new button? Did you add another trigger to that to jump to the question bank slide draw? Or is it all the same system? Is the "finish" button associated with a submit trigger for the question? Are the questions locked in a particular order? 

I've also seen some odd behavior when elements like this are in a lightbox, as the user gets trapped in the lightbox - have you tried it outside of that?

James Klaas

Here is the game so far http://www.devedinternational.net/nwc/crazy/story.html 

There are just 3 questions but it repeats the same question unless I restart the game in which case the markers go back to zero. I have tried inserting a reset quiz trigger but since the questions have no answers to choose from there is nothing to assign it to.

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