Dynamically setting the quiz timer variable in Storyline

I know how to set the quiz timer variable in Storyline. However, I would like to use a user input variable to set the timer in Storyline to accommodate a ADA request for additional time. Does anybody know how this might be done?

Thanks for your prompt reply and assistance.

Don Griesheimer

Education Technology Coordinator

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Don,

There isn't a way to do this with the built in Storyline quiz timer, although there may be someone here in the community who could help you set this up with Javascript.

You may also want to check with your LMS to see if there are different ways in which you could set a timer there based on who the user is.

Don Griesheimer


Thank you for your prompt reply. How may I submit this request to the development team? Since my online education must be both Section 508 compilant and ADA compilant. this feature is a top priority.

My company has a request for accommodation under that ADA where the end user requires additional time to complete the test. Dynamically setting the variable would allow this user to be able to fulfill the request for additional time to complete the test. The only work-around is to set the timer variable in production, publish, and post a one-time use course for this user.

Thank you.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Don,

Sorry I forgot to include the link - you can always submit feature requests to our team here.

You may want to also look into building a timer, although it could prove to be a bit complicated. It might help to look around and see if there are any free examples shared by other community members. Variables along with some design and slide options may help with what you'd like to accomplish.

Here are some discussions and examples that may help:

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If you'd like help with creating a custom timer, it may help to reach out to other community members in our Building Better Courses section.

Hope that helps!