Editing sound in Storyline

I edited sound track in storyline by double clicking on the soundtrack in a slide, making amendments and save and close.  However, when previewing the slide, the change had not taken effect.  When the soundtrack was re-opened by double clicking, and the soundtrack played, the amendments were there.  But again they did not appear in preview slide or when the presentation was published.

I tried again to edit, but took the right clik/edit sound approach  using the sound icon on the slide.  This time all worked as expected.

Is this a common problem or did I miss something in my first attempt?

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Errol Muir

Thanks Adrian.  Since I was able to resolve the problem with the right click approach, I have not tried again in different learning modules.  But I thought I should draw attention to the problem as the direct approach (double clicking sound in the time-line and editing directly) is the most intuitive.