Embedding Attachments on Slide

Aug 10, 2015

Hey Gang,

My team has been experiencing a small issue when linking documents to slides via the Trigger Wizard (not the Resources Tab). See below:

We usually have multiple developers work on our projects and we noticed that if Developer A creates the links/triggers to the documents, but Develop B publishes the course, the linked documents go missing. We figured that this is because Storyline doesn't "embed" the documents until the course is published, and because the links were added by Developer A, the links wouldn't be pointing to the correct location when Developer B publishes the course from their computer.

Are there any workarounds or other options to avoid this? 

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Walt Hamilton

How does the .story file get passed around?  If it is sent from one dev to another, send the folder with the documents along.

If the .story file resides on a commonly accessible location, put a folder for the linked files there, too.

You can probably get away with putting the documents folder on a network share, and they will be packaged when you publish.

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