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Feb 24, 2017

I'm making a tin can assessment that has multiple choice and essay responses. Initially, I tried to make it 2 courses, but I could never get the essay course to pass.

When I look at the results in the LMS, every essay question is marked as incorrect. I tried editing the results slide so that those questions weren't included, but then the answers don't appear in the LMS at all.

Is there anyway to set it so they come in as correct instead of incorrect?

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Daniel Servan

Hi David,

How about adding fake Pick One Quiz that is hidden from the screen.
You set that Pick One Object to True as default then allow the user to input answer into the Text Entry.

You set the Pick One to false if the Text Entry is empty else set the Pick One to True or Selected.
I'm sure you need to get the user's response from the Text Entry.
In getting the User's Entry, You may need a Javascript to handle to send that User's Input by sending it to SuspendData. Please take note that SuspendData might be limited to a number of characters.

Crystal Horn

Hello David!  I'm sorry you're getting hung up with tracking the essay response.  I did a quick test with a Storyline 2 course that included 2 multiple choice questions and an essay question.  I used a graded results slide and published for LMS using Tin Can API.  When I tested my course in SCORM Cloud, I was able to answer all 3 questions and get 100% showing on both my results slide and in SCORM Cloud reporting.  Here's the link to my course.

I also tested the course out in Storyline 360 and got the same results.

We test LMS issues in SCORM Cloud regularly; here are some tips for troubleshooting your course in that environment.  We're happy to test your course out as well, if you'd like to attach your .story file!  Typically, if a course performs and reports properly in SCORM Cloud, we recommend taking that information to your LMS support team to further identify where the issue is occurring.

David McDonagh

Thanks, this was along the line I was thinking, but haven't been able to get it to work yet. I tried setting variables to 100, and other variables to true, but still can't get it to go. I even put multiple choices on a screen (had to cover with a plain solid shape, it always snaps back onto the layout) and tried setting the value to true.

I'll keep playing around with it in this direction to see if I can figure it out.

Crystal Horn

David, I have a better answer for you now!  Tin Can API will not be able to use the "Passed" status on a course that does not include scored questions.  Since the Survey question is not scored, and you have no other scored questions in the course, Tin Can API isn't sending scoring/passing status to your LMS, and perhaps your LMS is interpreting that lack of information as an "incorrect" answer.  Do you still show the course as "Completed" in the LMS?  And is “Completed” a sufficient status for you and your learners?

Here's some more detailed information from our article on implementing the Tin Can API:

The verb passed "Notifies the LMS that a course or objective has been completed with a passing score. This verb is only used when completion is based on a set of scored questions."

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