Export to Powerpoint from Storyline

Nov 30, 2012

Hi guys,

I have a Storyline project that I would like to be able to edit in Powerpoint - is there a way that is possible?  I know going Powerpoint to Storyline is fine, but what about the other way?

I have tried copying and pasting slides, tried copying all elements on a slide and pasting... but no luck!

Really need help PLEASE!

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Jean K.

Thanks Steve and everyone for the helpful suggestions. Unfortunately just
putting in the triggers to page up/page down was causing the entire file to
lock up and blank out screens so I hesitate to put any more work into the
SL version. Tech support has no answer for us and suggested that we
rebuild in PPT since they have no visibility on when/if it might be
resolved. Unfortunately that's what we're doing, the platform doesn't seem
stable enough for this purpose. I applaud those of you who have figured
out how to work around these issues.

We don't need special functionality so PPT should be better for our live
workshops. I like the previous suggestion of embedding snippets of SL into
PPT, but I think I"ll need some time to build up the courage to try that
one after this negative experience with SL.

But thanks, everyone's help is greatly appreciated.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jean,

Thanks for the update here and I do see that Eloise reported the issues with the slide navigation triggers based on key presses to our QA team for review, but it also seems there was an element of corruption associated with your file as well. I'm sorry to hear that you'll need to rebuild in powerpoint to be able to use that feature. 

In regards to the issue with slide triggers, I don't have a time frame to share in regards to when we'll hear back from our QA team but I'll share any additional information here once it becomes available. 

Jean K.

Yes unfortunately the addition of the triggers appeared to create the
corruption. The file was fine and very simple before that and came from an
elearning file that has been in use with no issues.

I would just advise others to beware that SL is not necessarily stable
enough to be used in a live format, and if one wants to use that they
should anticipate extra time and resources to work around its
shortcomings. I had researched this before and didn't see a warning, but I
wanted to post this to save others from going through this same experience.

Frustrating, as I had hoped tech support would assist in resolving. I am
sure they are trying but its not enough.

But thanks for jumping on this, you and Eloisa have been very responsive,
which is always appreciated.

Mike McCarthy

I agree with most on here that the ability to export or "save as" a PowerPoint is a requirement in our industry.  PowerPoint is not going away and it is the preferred medium for developing training in a training department setting.    I have many instructors that provide me with their raw PowerPoint presentations on a variety of different courses.  It is my job to take the PowerPoint info and create an eCourse, save as an LMS and upload to ur company LMS.  Simple right?  Why is PowerPoint needed you ask...

1 - Prior to publishing, the course is reviewed by our leadership for accuaracy, recommended changes etc.  To do this I need to save the SL project as an HTML5 file,  upload to our server and provide them with a shortcut to the link.  I also need to unlock all navigation restrictions to allow them to scrub each slide for content etc.  They do not have the ability to make changes to the presentation.  Furthermore, without the timeline counter they can't tell me exactly where the change needs to be made.  IE. "Change ....at 1.03 on slide 8."

2 - We are required to keep our source files in the event (all the time) that changes or revisions need to be made later on.  Happens all the time as companies grow.  Most of my instructors do not have StoryLine.  For them to make changes they must use the original source file which of course requires me to duplicate the SL back on to PowerPoint to allow them to make changes. Sorry but a static image on a word document doesn't work.

Don't get me wrong, I like using StoryLine because it's the best software out there to use for our LMS but it has some serious limitations. 



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jean, 

The issue that we previously discussed in terms of the key-press triggers and the Flash output has been fixed in Update 7 for Articulate Storyline 2. Install the latest version of Storyline 2 to take advantage of the new features and fixes, then republish your course. With this fix, you'll want to ensure you're using a key press trigger or a click trigger on the object, not both of those triggers on the same object. 

If you're still having issues with your course, please feel free to let us know here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers here. 

Richard Edwards

I'm just in the process of converting a Storyline package so it can be used by instructors in a classroom.  Apart from opening up the navigation and unlocking the continue buttons I have had to make few changes other than to remove some click events on animations for a seamless transition.  As for drag and drop and slider interactions the instructors love this.  It gives them an opportunity to call students up and have them actively engage in the learning process.  Of course it helps if you are running your Storyline package on a SMART board.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Helen! I would not want to be responsible for prioritizing and understanding the needs of all of our users and the market. The form goes to our development team for review and the number submitted helps determine users impacted as well as requesting. It's still not a guarantee of implementation.

Looks like you're new here. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alicia,

Since Storyline includes a number of interactive elements along with things such as timelines, layers, states, etc. there hasn't been a change in our inability to export to Powerpoint. That being said, I know it's been talked about a lot here - and so our team will continue to discuss and evaluate feature requests as they come in. 

Robert Connor

Best I can think of would be to export to Word, save as PDF, then run it through some OCR tool. But that's a pretty roundabout trip when the text is there in the obfuscated .js and the working file

I also endorse the need for a feature that would take SL either back to PowerPoint, XML, or just plain text. 

I generally begin SL2 work with a PowerPoint file as part of a collaborative workflow, or just for speed, efficiency and the option to single source materials out for different uses.

However, I am now charged with taking a big, native SL2 course back into an instructor-led format, and this is looking like a cut and paste operation - blah.

Using materials designed self-paced SL content as the backdrop for facilitated instructor led events is far from ideal, as message design and pacing for the two use cases is very different.

This is as bad an idea as trying to use unmodified instructor-led decks as e-learning slides. Further the notion that "SL is a Lexus, PowerPoint is a Ford Focus" is also misguided.

Haters gonna hate, but PowerPoint is an excellent, highly efficient tool for its particular use case, if not all use cases.

Shudder at the thought of using it, but Adobe's bug fest, Captivate, exports editable Word, XML, etc. Lack of an export feature is very significant missing piece of an otherwise great product.

Brom Kim (posting as Robert Connor)


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Brom for sharing that insight here and I know it's been a ongoing topic as you'll see by this thread. The current set up of Storyline and the interactivity involved doesn't allow for the export to Powerpoint, but if you just need the text items only you could look at the Translation Export which would get all the text items for you to use somewhere else. 

Nikki White

This would be really helpful for me too!  In my case, I am developing an eLearning course as pre-training for a face-to-face boot camp.  I have 10 SMEs who will be doing PowerPoint presentations and hands-on activities.  We want the whole event to have the same look and feel so in this case, being able to save a PPT theme or template that I could share with them would be very helpful.  It's not difficult to just recreate what I did in Storyline in PowerPoint, it would just be be a convenient time saver.

Andre Van Heerden

I'm sorry but everyone just seems to go around in circles and the point is - we need to be able to provide an editable version of Storyline to people who do not have it. Whether it it PPT or Word. I'm sitting with great frustration at this point to have to translate existing content into Spanish, German and Polish... and now because it is not editable, updates are being sent to and fro, with version upon version control to be put in place. If they had it from the beginning we would have had this done in a week. Now it is taking 2 months as our offices are situated internationally.