Feedback feature dims background

I am using the quiz feature in Storyline 360. I have added some custom layers for the feedback. I've tried everything I can think of to NOT dim the layer below the feedback and I can't seem to get it not to fade. I also can't seem to get the text to disappear below the layer even though it does that in preview.  Can someone help me?  Here is a link to my file.


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MaryAnne Nestor

oh!  You mean take out the formatting of the background (on the feedback slides) to no fill. It took me a while, but I figured out what you were saying. That solution takes out the dimming feature. Do you know how to get those to disappear as well?

Thank you so much.

MaryAnne Nestor

Okay, Thanks to Daniel I've got it. If the feedback layer has a background, it has to be part of the artwork, not as a part of the background graphics.  I'm hoping this won't make my file too large as the final project has 50 questions.