Font displaying incorrectly

I have been using Storyline 2 up to this date and our company is starting to transfer to 360 because of the review feature. I have upgraded a previous project to test 360 and have encountered a font issue. 

The displays correctly in storyline 360 but upon previewing and publishing the font dramatically changes. You can see this in the screen shots provided, which is in a storyline that has been created from scratch. I have uninstalled the fonts and reinstalled them again and it doesn't seem to fix anything.

Any solutions?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Tom,

Thanks so much for sharing those screenshots. We are aware of an issue in Storyline 360 where fonts are displayed differently in published output for HTML5. It was reported here and here previously in the forums, in case you want to read a bit more about it. We are actively working on this bug, and we'll definitely let you know when we know more. I'd like to include your experience in our bug report, since that helps us prioritize our development resources. Can you tell me which font you were using here--was it the Univers font?