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Jan 17, 2017

I'm using Articulate 360.

I'm using a Font in the editor - when I publish or upload to Articulate Preview it is changing the font very slightly to something different.

Any ideas why?

It also appears to change when in preview mode too.

Have a look at the two image attachments. ORIGINAL is the screen/font when editing inStoryline 360, PREVEW is viewing it in preview mode.

In Storyline 2 it works fine.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nick!

Thanks for reaching out here and for sharing those screenshots. That's really helpful! Can you tell me what font you used here? We've seen similar behavior with a few fonts specifically within the HTML5 output (preview in 360 is also showing the HTML5 version). It is in the hands of our team for some additional investigation and I'll be sure to include this discussion in the report so that we've got more examples and get some more eyes on this. 

We'll be in touch here once there is a bit more information to share! 

Nick Garrod


Thanks for your email. The font I was using is called Foco. It is a corporate font. The font is installed in Windows 10 and appeared in Storyline 360. It shows fine in the editor and the SCORM output I think was OK. Previewing the module in Storyline and 360 appeared to have the issue. Any resolution very much appreciated.


Nick Garrod

This email has been sent from my Apple iPad Pro so please excuse any spelling or wrongly auto-corrected words!

Stephanie Harnett

Any update? I posted this in another thread:  

I have a client who experienced previous not showing fonts correctly today. She updated to the latest version of SL360 this morning and after updating fonts such as (Oswald, Roboto, and others) didn't display in preview correctly. Fonts are substituting, some even as wingdings. Prior to the updates this was working fine. I can't replicate it at my end even with the same file and the same version of SL. The client will uninstall the fonts and SL and reinstall tomorrow to see if this corrects the issue. Failing that, has this been reported on the very latest version of SL and if so, is there a repair or fix that can be applied? Can she rollback to a previous version of SL? If so, what's the best way to do this?

Katie Riggio

Hi, Rachel. Welcome to eLearning Heroes!

If learners see the wrong font only in Internet Explorer, here are two reasons why and solutions for each:

We'll be here if those steps don't help; and with your permission, we can check out your .story file to see what's happening and will delete it after troubleshooting. If that works for you, you can upload the file privately to our Support Engineers here

Erin S

I'm assuming there is still no update on resolving the font issue, so I'm going to chime in with what's going on with my font. (Pretty sure I've posted this in another thread, but i don't know where..)

When I am editing the course, everything looks normal, but when I preview or publish (all browsers) half of the fonts are wrong and create unusual characters. See attached. I sent this into support almost a year ago and when I followed up months later, they couldn't find my initial support number, and I have yet to hear back from anyone. It's been another handful of months. :( 

What makes it worse is that this issue only affects half of my team. It's not consistent... 

Can someone PLEASE help troubleshoot?! 

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