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Aug 15, 2014

Hello everyone!

Has anyone here ever published their story to Google Sites?

I see a lot about Google Drive, but I am getting stuck when I try to fill Articulate's FTP "server" and "domain" fields to upload to Google Sites. I also get stuck trying to fill WinSCP's "Host name" field. I've tried my IP address and the url for the page I want to publish to-- no go.

My searches for advice yield no help I can use, so I must be the only dummy in the world who can't figure out the basics. Any clues for the web-publishing hopeless? Or is Google Sites just really not the right web host for AS?

Thanks for your time! -i.

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ieva swanson

Hi Leslie! Thanks for the warm welcome, and the link to Mike's post--it proved to be very valuable!

I had actually seen it and skipped it over in my search, because I saw it was for Google Drive, and was hoping to post to an ePortfolio Google Site I had developed as a student sandbox. Google hosts my university mail, and offers the ability to limit visibility to people with a university address. I was thinking this might be helpful for students who wanted to make mistakes without future employers getting a gander at their learning curve

However, from what Mike said in his solution, AS likes to go public or not at all! Very fun-loving. And at least I have an option that looks very easy to do, plus a nice long commentary of troubleshooting if I get stuck. Thank you so much for your prompt and helpful response! Next time you see Mike please pass on to him that his video was terrific-- very clear.

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