Getting a course to pass in Adobe Captivate Prime

Nov 10, 2020

Looking for your help.  Using Storyline 360, I've just completed creating a course, which has a quiz attached to it.  The learner needs to achieve 85% or greater to pass.  We are using Adobe Captivate Prime for our LMS and I am having difficulty in getting it to score.  I publish the course using the SCORM 1.2 settings, and I zip the file, I then load the zipped file.  However, in Adobe CP I am not getting any option to set the passing score.  Does anyone have any experience loading content in this LMS.  From what I've read, Adobe are saying that you "can use e-learning content that is created using any learning tool."  

Any help would be appreciated.


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Ren Gomez

Hi Geraldine,

Thanks for reaching out! You may also want to try testing your file in SCORM Cloud to verify it's not a file issue. From the authoring side, if you have a results slide added, a few items you'll want to check are:

Under the Results Tools->Design options:

  • Under Scoring, ensure you have set the passing score to 85%
  • Under Quiz Settings, have all appropriate quiz slides tracked
  • Under LMS Tracking, select When the learner completes a quiz and have the correct result slide selected

If everything works well in SCORM Cloud, then reach out to your LMS provider on helping you troubleshoot the issue. If you run into issues reporting in SCORM Cloud, then our team will be happy to lend a hand in testing your file.

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