Having Difficulties Uploading to BlackBoard

Jan 27, 2021

Previously I was able to upload published Storyline packages into blackboard. I did this by publishing for LMS as a Zip and then uploading the zip file to blackboard, making them public and then sharing the Story.html file address.

I have not had to upload a storyline project in a while. Now that I need to I've tried the same format and I get a screen filled with jumbled text (see attached). I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong as my previous projects are still working.

This error seems to run across browsers and computers.

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Katie Riggio

Hi Julio,

Thanks for writing in. While I'm not familiar with the Blackboard LMS, I'm happy to help!

First, it sounds like you took these steps to publish your Storyline 360 course for LMS distribution.

Here's a quick video demo from a Storyline user on how to upload the package into Blackboard:

Give that a look, and let me know if you took similar or different steps!

Note: If you're comfortable sharing the source file, our Support team can test it in SCORM Cloud, an industry-standard testing tool, and report back on how the upload goes. If that sounds like a plan, connect with us through this private case link.