Help with a video and moving on to next slide

Hello I have a small presentation that opens a video in a new window... the video plays fine... once the video is completed the user can close the window and the original presentation page now has a button for them to click I'm finished... however, you are never able to click the button or next for that matter because of a spinning (hourglass like) circle - like something is loading.

bottom line i need people to watch this video and then I need them to "acknowledge" that they have watched the vid.  This is all in SL2.


Thanks in advance.


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Stephanie Harnett

Hi Christina. I think you might have better success loading the video in a layer or on a slide and lightboxing the slide. I'm not seeing any issues with the button appearing and being clickable once returning to the original slide, but I am having the same issue as you if I have the video play in a new browser window.