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Jun 25, 2015

Hello All,

As apart of my company, we required our employees to watch a safety video each month. Starting this month, we placed the video with a 10 question quiz in a SCORM 1.2 course and published on Cornerstone. Our employees are located all throughout the United States while taking this course and too many are having issues. Some issues are due to poor signals but others I can't seem to figure out. 

Here is what I have tried to do so far:

  • Convert the videos to H. 264 YouTube 360p 29.97 codec (so the videos are pretty small)
  • Break up the video into parts of about 1-3 minutes each

It seems to work okay on hardwired internet. However most of our employees are using hotspots and wifi. The videos will play for a few seconds then stop. That being said, we did utilize a downloaded YouTube video and it played all the way through. 

Any assistance or best practices you can provide would be greatly appreciated! I attached the zip file for the course if you would like to take a look.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Karoline -- Russ has given you some great suggestions, but I wanted to back track a step and verify a few things. To test how your course performs on an LMS in general, may I ask if you are able to upload and test your published output in the SCORM Cloud (as it is the LMS industry standard for testing)? Also, you may want to check out these articles on troubleshooting LMS issues:

How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud

Troubleshooting LMS Issues

Hope that helps, and if not, please let us know and we'll dig a little deeper! :)

Karoline Keyworth

Hi Christie,

Thank you for your comment. We have a stage site for our LMS so I typically will publish and test the course there since it replicates exactly how our users will interact with the course. Does SCORM cloud provide additional information?

The biggest issue is publishing large videos within a SCORM course and expecting our employees to have the data or wifi to handle it (since they are primarily using mobile devices). So far what’s worked the best while testing, posting the video as a web object from YouTube seems to be running the smoothest right now since YouTube will change the codec according to the viewers settings.

Thank you for the suggestions!


Christie Pollick

Hi, Karoline -- Thanks for your response, and while I appreciate that you were able to test in your stage site, could you please try SCORM Cloud as well? How the course behaves in SCORM Cloud is how it should behave on your LMS, if it does not, then you should look into troubleshooting within your LMS. And also, for anyone else keeping up with this thread, it's important to make sure you are publishing for HTML5. 

Christie Pollick

Thanks for verifying functionality in the SCORM Cloud, Karoline, and that information could prove useful if you need to contact your LMS directly. And regarding your other question, yes, one of my colleagues or I will address your other post as soon as possible, but in the interest of fairness to all, we work on threads from oldest to newest (ie. first come, first served). Someone will respond shortly! :)

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