Here is an example of Storyline with Wordpress LMS and Tin Can

Mar 25, 2013

Hello! I've been experimenting with using Storyline and the LearnDash LMS WordPress plug-in over the past few weeks. As I was doing it, I put together an example site and also a downloadable Quick Reference Guide PDF in case anyone else might find it helpful. It seems to work fairly well, but there are a few tweaks I had to make to the WordPress template that I selected to get it to look just right after the courses were embedded. Overall, I found it easy to set up. Links below if you are interested:

You can use the user name and password available on the demo site to log in and view the sample courses (These are just dummy courses I created in Storyline with filler lorem ipsum content, I mainly just wanted to demonstrate how Storyline courses look when embedded in WordPress since I was curious how it worked). If multiple people log in at once, you may need to create your own username/password to view.

A few quick notes:

  • I used the SaltBox LRS that is recommended by LeardDash
  • The Storyline content is loaded into an iFrame on your WordPress page, but you can set the height/width of the iFrame in your plug-in settings
  • The setup was fairly easy, but you will need to spend some time selecting a WordPress template that will work well with your content (But there are plenty of free WordPress templates out there and plenty you can buy if you have the budget)
  • I had to make some minor modifications to some of the CSS in the WordPress template to get the Storyline content to fit correctly
  • I didn't use any of the built in Quiz and Certificate functionality available in the WordPress LMS since this is already demonstrated on the demo site on
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Bruce Silver

I too am very interested in this.  I can launch Storyline from LearnDash lesson via GrassBlade but so far unable to get usable quiz score back.  I don't think it's possible yet with those tools.  Pankaj from GrassBlade wrote that they do not have wordpress reporting done yet, but I offered that instead of a report, better would be a WP plugin that records selected tin can data (e.g. quiz score) in the database, with some means to query (plus simple arithmetic like sum, max) for use in a WP post or page, e.g. LearnDash.  Or possibly some other WP plugin could manage the query and math part.  The key thing is getting the Storyline data into WP so it can be used.  I would pay for such a plugin.  

On a related topic, does anyone know a way to populate a value of SL variable on launch?  There seems to be a way to export variable values but I haven't seen a way to initialize, e.g. with a value from previous lesson.

Kyle Egan

Great ideas from this post. Anybody with this set up (Learndash- Grassblade- WaxLRS) using an alternative to the 'Mark complete' button from Learndash?


I'm looking at the data that comes through WAX LRS and you really need to make sure your courses / Lessons and XAPI (grassblade) modules use a naming convention. I'm doing this by simply adding course, Lesson and Activity to the name of the resource in WP otherwise you get a LRS with three completion events of the same name.

Kai R

I seem to be a bit late to this thread but haven't seen anything more recent on the issue. Apologies if I missed something elsewhere...

Does anyone have any recent experiences / examples of publishing Storyline-made content through Wordpress & LearnDash? I find their built-in structuring and authoring somewhat confusing and would like to be able to switch it off so each of my offerings consists of exactly ONE Storyline-built course.

Any thoughts, anyone?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cathal,

This thread is a bit older and I'm not sure which link you're referring to - but if it was posted by another community member you may want to reach out to them directly using the "contact me" button on their profile. 

If it's a link on our site that you're having difficulty with could you let us know which one? 

Pankaj Agrawal

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