How do I change the default state of a button set?

I am using a lot of buttons so I am creating button sets. The default styling that appears is not what I want. How do I change this and set it as a new default?

Apparently you can right click on the button and change it to default (ref: but I can not find this anywhere.

Please advise. Many thanks

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Jack,

If you create a button and then edit it so that it is in the style you want, all you then need to do is to select the button, right click and then select "Set as Default Button" from the pop-up menu:

From this point on, until you decide to change the default again, every button that you create will default to your new settings.

If you have already created all of your buttons, do not despair. All you now need to do to change them all to your new default settings is to temporarily drop a new button onto the slide (or edit one of those already in place) select the button and then double-click on the Format Painter in the top right corner of the menu (available in the Home tab) and then click once on each of the buttons on the slide. You can also select the next slide you wish to reformat, whilst still having the format painter set, and continue to select your buttons until all are reformatted.

The reason for double-clicking on the Format Painter rather than single clicking on it is because this action sets the format painter until you either click away from an object or hit the Escape key and therefore saves a lot of time.