How do you add voice to layers and states

Aug 07, 2015

First question is can you add sound (voice over) to a state? If yes, how does it work? Next how do you get sound (voice over) to work with layers? In addition, how do you get them to work and keep them from overlapping with each other? Start and stop appropriately.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maree,

As far as adding sound to a state- you'll not add it to the state, but trigger it to play when an object is in a particular state. 

If the audio is on a particular layer, you could set the layers to "hide other slide layers" and that would stop the audio from another layer when they accessed the next layer. 

If you're having difficulty with this set up, can you share a bit more information or a sample .story file to take a look at? 

Maree Eilman

Ashley - thanks so  much for getting back to me. Sorry I'm so late getting back with you. I had a family emergency and it took  me out of two without a computer or wireless connection.

Okay when I get to the part that I'm anticipating having trouble with I will ping you. You are a love for getting  back with me and I appreciate you greatly!

Maree Eilman

Hi Ashley, here is my question. I have one main slide and one slide layer. Both have voice over. If I click on the slide layer while main slide is speaking I get both voices talking at the same time. How do I get the main slide to stop once I click on the slide layer? See #1 What are Community Health Centers?

Mirjam van Immerzeel


I have created a state (text) for an object that is showing when it's being hovered over. I added a layer with voiceover that is also triggered when hovering over the object. This works great the first time you hover over the object, however, the second time the state is showing on hover, but the layer isn't triggered to show after it's been triggered once.

Is there a way to solve this?



Mirjam van Immerzeel

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your quick reply!

I was making it too difficult for myself. Instead of creating a layer with both voiceover and text, which can be triggered when 'mouse hovers over' (which indeed includes the 'restore on mouse leave option'!), I had a hover state with text, and then created a layer with voiceover which I triggered by showing the layer, when 'state' is 'hover' (see screenshot). That worked really well, but only once...

All works great now, thanks again!




Mirjam van Immerzeel

Hi all,

I have follow up question on this topic.

I'm having issues with an interaction I created where the user is clicking an object which is triggering:
- text though 'visited' state
- voice over through layer

For some reason the first object that I click does NOT trigger the state, so you have the audio of the triggered layer, but no text. When you click the other object, both state and layer are triggered fine.

This glitch occurs regardless which of the 5 object you click first.

The glitch disappears as soon as the triggers between the objects and the layers is removed; then all states are being activated when you click the objects.

Any idea what's happening here and how to solve this? I've added the interaction to my message.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mirjam!

There appears to be an issue with the animation inside the Visited states. When I removed the animation, everything began working normally again. 

This seems a bit buggy, so I'm going to do some further testing in a new file. I'll be sure to keep you posted on what I find out!

In the meantime, check out the updated file I've attached. I hope that will work for you!

Mirjam van Immerzeel

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks so much for you response and updated file! The slide works great now.

Funny how these small thing like an animation can affect the functionality. It would indeed be nice if this is something that can be fixed in the future; I appreciate any updates on this!

In the the meantime it's good to know caused it, so I can play with this should I encounter this issue again. 



Felix Franke

Hi, I have an issue as well here with overlapping voice-overs, so maybe my question fits in here. I work with SL3

I have a slide with 4 Hotspots which trigger speech bubbles with information. The learner is supposed to find the hotspots to unveal the speech bubbles which show the text. This text is also read out to him / her. Enter problem.

If the learner now clicks too quickly on the hotspots the voice-over-channels overlap. Babylonic chaos. The order in which the hotspots are being clicked is random (and I want it that way)

To make things even more fun, there is a general voice-over in the slide which gives instructions what to do. This starts with the slide. Enter fifth audio-file

I know the trigger "Stop Media" which I could assign to all bubbles before triggering the correct audio file, but with 5 audio files overall, I would need 4 "Shut up!"-triggers per bubble because this trigger only stops a specific audio file (or does it?). Remember the time-order for clicking on the hotspots is supposed to be random.

Isn't there a more elegant solution to this? Like the secret "Shut up all"-trigger? :-)
That would save a LOT of dull work because I have this kind of interaction A LOT in my project.

Thanks so much, I hope it is understandable. 


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Felix.  I'm sorry that you've been throwing your learners into Babylonic chaos.  Ha - that was a great metaphor.

It sounds like you've been building this file the right way, though.  Yes, it will take individual triggers to control each of your audio files.  The more interaction you have, typically the more triggers you'll need.

Would it be better to place your audio on different layers, thereby disabling access to the other audio triggers until the current audio completes?  If you'd like to share your file (or a similar mockup), the community is always happy to give specific advice and tinker with your setup!

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