How the "folder tabs" interaction works ?

Mar 21, 2015

I use the "Folder Tabs" from the Top interaction and I have some questions.

1) First question : when you display the slide for the first time, you can see the base layer with the introduction texte. But after having displayed one of the 5 tabs, you are enable to display the base layer too.  Why and how to see the introduction text again?

2) second question: when you select a tab, the visited state is displayed with the green tick. But I wonder why the green tick is always display when you move the mouse over a visited tab.  In fact, in this case the hover state is displayed and it does not contain the green tick, so why the green tick is persistent ?.

Does anybody can explain me how it works ? 


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Eric!

If you want the learner to return to the start base layer slide, you would need to add triggers to close the layers.

As far as the visited vs hover, I'm not sure that I'm seeing the same thing. I see the green bar when the tab is selected, as expected, but the hover color is blue.

If you need to reach out to David, who created this, you can do so here.

Ricky Nox

Hi Lesly, let me give you more details.

See the attached file. To well understand I have changed the colors of the states of the tab 2 to well distinguish the different states. So blue for normal, orange for hover and green for visited.

All is OK in my mind except for the green tick: 

  •  after visiting the tab is green with the tick. Right.
  • Now if you move mouse over the tab, the orange state "Hover" is displayed and is over the green state "Visited". Right.
  • But why the tick of the "Visited" state is always visible ?  It should be under the "hover" state.

Am I wrong ?



Ricky Nox

Hi Leslie, don't worry, I know you have a lot of messages to answwer.

My problem, I don't understand why the checkmark is always visible as if the checkmark is always on top.

But it is not only the checkmark !

In the second attached file, I have added in the visited state a red checkmark, a small red form, and I have reduced the size of the orange Hover tab.

And you can see after visiting, the hover state do not recover the checkmarks , red form, but the green tab is removed !

So from my point of view, 2 exclusive cases are expected :

  • Either the Hover state should replace momently all the form of the visited one (visited state is disable). 
  • Or the Hover state should recover all the visited state

But what I can see is a mix of both cases.

So I don't know why. Is it a bug ?



Allison LaMotte

Hello again Eric!

I asked around internally after we spoke yesterday at E-Learning Expo and my assumptions were confirmed: the behavior you are describing is by design in both SL1 and SL2. The Visited and Hover states will combine when hovering over a visited object.  If you want a Hover state that does not incorporate elements of the Visited state, the below community suggestions will help you to achieve that :

Hope that helps! :)

Ricky Nox


let me explain what I have understood after some tests :

  • if the visited state is created by dupplicating the normal state, the objects of the visited state are replaced by the hover state object. This is the case of the Tab frame.
  • however all objects you have added in the visited state are not undisplayed by the hover state. This is the case of the checkmark.


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