How to change the Modern Player colours other that "Dark" & "Light" theme in Articulate Storyline 360

Jun 07, 2018


How can we change the color of the Morden Player in Articulte Storyline 360?

If we select the Modern player, it shows only two options:

  • Dark
  • Light

Can anyone help me to find a way to use the different colors for Modern Player?


Amey Sawant


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Phil Robinson


I think the initial options included with the new modern player are great but what I think people are asking for, as well as myself, is the same advanced color settings option that is available with the Classic player to allow us the same flexibility to meet the needs of our corporate clients.

Are there any plans to include this option with the modern player? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Phil,

Yes, we realize users are requesting more customization with the Modern Player and we are actively tracking this feature request.

I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful. 

I'm adding your thoughts as well, but I am not aware of any specific plans at this time.

Scott Esker

I would also love to have the ability to change the background color. We use a custom template for our company and need to change the background color in order for that template to blend into the page and look natural. 

Thank you Leslie for pointing out David Crocker's jquery workaround. This will be very helpful until a more permanent/reliable fix is hopefully released.

Patricia Thompson

Yes, that would be nice, but more importantly, if I want to add another item to the top of the player (like help, FAQ, email, etc) I can only do so with text. If we could add custom, favicon sized icons to the player it would free up screen space when a client needs something that isn't built in.

Katie Riggio

Good morning, Patricia. Thanks for the additional context!

I'm going to share your follow-up thoughts with the team, and I promise to keep this conversation updated with any new information. Here's a glimpse into how we prioritize feature requests!

If there's anything else I can help with in the meantime, please let me know! 

Nicholas Soldatenko
Tatiana Nikolaeva

Hi Nicholas!

Thanks for the updates! I was very excited to try it and I noticed a few setting which unfortunately makes using the Modern player still impossible for me. 

Could you please help to figure out how to change the color of a slide background area?
For years I still can't understand for what it exists and I'd like user see borders of the slide the same as I created them in the tool. Now after publishing, I have additional white space which doesn't match with my design and each slide looks like it has different borders, which is very frustrating.

Also, is there any way to avoid intersections and make the player look more neatly?

I created a screenshot with an explanation. 

Maybe I miss something?
Is it possible to fix it somehow?

Any advice is highly appreciated.

Ren Gomez

Hi Empathos,

As described in this article here, the Modern Player was intentionally designed to have neutral tones of the dark and light themes allow your content to be the focus of learners’ attention, while the player performs a supporting role in the background.

We currently have a feature request to allow for more colors to be changed in the Modern Player, but if you need more customization, the Classic Player is currently your best bet. Hope that helps clarify things!

Peter Locke

Hi there,

I was excited when I heard that a new accessible player was to be released, anticipating that the issues raised over a year ago regarding the non WCAG 2.0 compliance of the contrast ratios on some of the Modern player interface elements (e.g. visited menu items) would be addressed. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case unless I'm missing something.

I appreciate that allowing customization of all the interface element colours on the Modern player may be a more complex issue to solve, but I cannot fathom why non compliant colours have been selected as the default colours. It seems like such an easy fix, but for some reason it has not been addressed.

I appreciate that more colour customization is on the feature request list and that I can use the Classic player etc.., but is it possible for someone to explain why this fix for the Modern player (i.e. changing some hard-coded colour values to ensure compliant contrast ratios) has not been done, especially at a time when accessibility is front of mind for many clients? I've demonstrated the new "Accessible Player" to clients, and it gets embarrassing when they ask if it complies with the WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines and I have to say "No".

Many thanks.


Michelle Williams

Yes, I agree with everyone above me. I love the look of the modern player, but I definitely need a way to change the background screen color. The Light color scheme (which only gives you white as a background color) is too white. This is a problem when I have a screen image that is predominantly white on the edges, so the content floats awkwardly on the display. To add an outline around the edges of the screen size ruins the look of the modern player. And changing the player to Dark is too dark and harsh. I would like to be able to change the background to a light grey color, so my white screen images look like they are framed by a lovely grey frame, or it would be nice to be able to change the background screen color to our corporate brand color. Yes I know I've seen where one can take the Classic player and change everything to make it seem invisible, but that seems like an awful lot of extra work to recreate something that already exists, and that just needs some more customization options.