HOW-TO: Change Modern Player Colors to Custom Color Theme in Storyline 360

While we all love the Modern Player, I noticed a lot of discussions on ELH regarding the inability to change the player colors. The truth is, you CAN change the colors, you just need to use the custom colors widget from Cluelabs (it’s free). The process of selecting the colors is very straightforward, but here’s a quick walkthrough if you need assistance.

  1. In Storyline player settings, make sure that “Modern” is selected as the player style.
  2. Sign in to Cluelabs Stencil editor. If you haven’t used Cluelabs before, you can learn more about the widgets here:
  3. Go to Storyline Player -> New Player to design your player.
  4. Use the Widget Styling section to set the player colors, click Save.
    Custom color selections for Storyline 360 Modern Player
  5. Go to your Storyline project and create a JavaScript trigger to execute on slide start on the first slide of you project, paste the code provided.
  6. Publish your project.
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Tatiana Nikolaeva

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for the detailed instructions!

I've just noticed that using this script on the first slide works perfect but doesn't work if a user closes the course and then resumes it.

My suggestion is to use the script on the Master slide (thankfully I have the only one).
I checked and it works even when resume.
Hope it will not generate issues with time for downloading each slide.


Tracy Carroll

Hi Joan,

The last time I used this widget was in May 2019. I just tested the links, and it still seems to work properly on my old examples. Sorry I don't have a new example to share!

Leadership template:

Leadership game show: