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Katie Riggio

Hi, Marilyn. Circling back to share that we've now updated our article to include newer versions of Storyline: Storyline 360 and Storyline 3: Let LMS Learners Know When They Lose Their Internet Connection

I did want to note that this option only works with Flash output at this time–and I'll certainly keep you in the loop if HTML5 support is added in the future! I hope that helps, and we're here if you need anything else! ☺️

David Abel


I too would like to know when this feature appears for published HTML5 content. As we migrate more to HTML5, it's in the critical assessment modules where students appear to hang, losing connectivity and their score. Have the ability to possibly reconnect before losing everything would be great. Thanks.

Sokratis papachristos


Just wanted to deliver that we are facing the exact same experience. Some of our users are about to finish the training and at the last screen everything is frozen. When they start over again they see that the last saved status was in the beginning or not at all. HTML5 here as well. Please deliver a fix to be able to resume the lost session.