I already publish Storyline and How to show it on iPad

May 03, 2012

I have already created my presentation and published it in Storyline.   When I published, I used the Web, HTML5 Option, Articulate Player and offline selections.

If I was to view this using Safari, I will need to connect to my server and enter in the login process and browse to the location of the folder (that has all of the publish material).   There is also a story.html file which I need to create a link on the ipad to start the process.

I am new to iPad and I would like the ability to view this using Safari and using the Articulate Player to play it locally on the iPad without internet connection.

Using Safari:  I will use Safari to connect and browe to the location of my folder on the server.  Do I next browse one level lower inside the folder and create a link to story.html  ????   Should I click the "Send" button in the browser (box with an arrow acrcing out of it) and select "Add to Home Screen"   I think this create the link and I just active this icon on the home screen - right ???

Using Articulate Player App:  Some where in the help files from Articulate website, there was an article that indicate that I can put my folder into the Articulate Player App.   Do I put the self contained folder in ???

The app indicate it allows a user to view these files locally without internet connection once its been loaded on the iPad ??   I also heard from our Articulate rep that there isn't a local means of playing the HTML5 ???   Which is correct ??

Could I use Articulate Player App to do a USB connection between the iPad and my PC to transfer the folders ???   If that is not possible, GoodReader App will allow be to transfer that over on the USB connection. 

Where should I transfer these folders into ??   Should I transfer it into the Articulate Player App folder ???

To display these HTML5 files offline, Do I need to make short cuts to each of the folders ??   I know that I must change the short cut name because they are all using story.html ????    Or can I rename the story.html file to something else ???

Thank You,


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Peter Anderson

Hi Charles, 

If your course is published to and hosted on your LMS, then you should have a link to the course, correct? You'll need to pass that link on to your users. And if you allowed publishing for HTML5 when you originally published the course, they should be able to view it on their iPad using mobile Safari. If your LMS doesn't require login credentials and has Tin Can, then they will be able to view it in the Mobile Player if you selected that as an option when publishing. 

Here's more info on publishing a course for iPad. 

Hope it helps clarify

Hello Hello1


Sorry - I am new to Articulate though can't seem to find the answer to this question anywhere. Rather than develop an app through the Apple store I want to point users to use the link to my course in the Articulate mobile player  on the ipad. ( I primarily want to sell my Storyline content on my website and provide a link for users.) I realise from the posts above that the content on the ipad can't really be protected with a password. My question therefore is after users have paid for my course on my site, how can I ensure that the link I provide them to view the content on their ipad is protected i.e. the same link can't be shared with other ipad users without paying? 



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