Implementation of Microsoft OneDrive for Business affects?

Our Agency is in the process of "Implementing Microsoft OneDrive for Business".  We did not know that previously and they started the process yesterday.

Can you tell us how that will impact our "Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 software, storage, development and delivery of our projects".  What about our files and security concerns for our projects from here on? 

The great news would be "It won't affect them at all", but what's more important is what we need to do to ensure it doesn't jeopardize our projects, or cause much difficulty in working on and storing locally for more efficient use and delivery of our projects.  We have a lot of eLearning and other projects we use Articulate products to develop (primarily Storyline 3 and Articulate 360).  We also use videos and you know how large those files can be.  We use short clips, but the raw footage and the clips we use in our projects can be fairly large.  We've been able to modify length, etc. to be able to take advantage of video production in our courses, but what might happen with the video files or our courses being stored and drug back and forth for production in the meantime?

Are there any specific concerns or questions you want me to ask as soon as possible to prevent any catastrophic occurrences we need to brace for or make our IT people aware of to try to minimize or eliminate anything not working appropriately?

Our Articulate licenses are for individual users loaded on their computers (except the 360 versions).

Thanks in advance, Vicki Frucci - Washington State Dept. of Transportation.

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Vicki Frucci

Thank you so much Ren,

Yes Phil was very helpful and I've share this info with our IT folks and we are all onboard with a plan on how to proceed safely with the OneDrive implementation.

Thanks for responding,

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