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Feb 21, 2016


I have a module in English I need to translate to 12 languages.

I've exported the translation, and now when importing back it just doesn't work.

I import, a window open showing me the progress of the translation (goes very fast...) and than I get a congratulation message - but when I view my slides nothing changed and all the texts are still in English.

did anyone came across something like this? this is not the first time I work with the translation, but it is the first time something like this happens.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michelle!

In some cases, you may find that translating Articulate Storyline content via XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) doesn't work as expected. You may receive a successful (congratulations) message but find that your course is still in the original language.

If you plan to translate text manually, we recommend using one of the Microsoft Word (DOC) export options in Storyline.

Select the XLIFF export option if you're using a translation tool for automatic or professional translation services.

If you're using XLIFF with a translation tool and your course still doesn't translate as expected, make sure your translation tool is updating caption states properly. You can tell by opening the XLIFF file in a text editor, such as Notepad, and searching for "state."

Initially, the state for each caption in an XLIFF file is "new." When a caption is translated, your translation tool should update the state to "translated."

When you import the XLIFF file back into your course, Storyline will update captions that have a state of "translated." All other captions will be skipped.

If your translation tool isn't updating caption states in XLIFF files, please ask your translation vendor for assistance.

Michelle Weisbeker


thanks for your answer.

I'm using the translation tool of storyline - first exporting as word file and then importing back.

some files worked great, some didn't work at all. couldn't find any difference between them. 

is there something I need to instruct the translation company, so this wouldn't happen?

Rhona Blankenship

I am having the same issue. I used google translate to translate the document Articulate Storyline 2 provided upon export. (It is a .doc file). I copied the translated piece from google into word, saved that (as a .doc) and imported that into Storyline, but nothing changed. It indicates it was successful, But the translated text never appears. I am new to using this feature, so it could easily be user error, any help anyone can provide is much appreciated.


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Heather - Thanks for the update. I just did a bit of testing with your file and I'm not having an issue. 

I was able to export the translation, edit, and re-import. At this point, I was able to save the new file and re-open your original file, export translation, and import the translated information as well.

Have you also reached out to our Support team? They can often spot something in a system log or error message that we can’t see here in ELH. If you would like to open up a case you can reach out to them here, and if you do let me know so that I can follow along in your case!

Techno10 Lorrain

So? Any valuable lesson learned here?

Glad you are all set! What was the problem? Can we benefit from your experience?

I am having the same issue 16 out of 17 modules are ok with export/import from .doc files.

The faulty one looks like the others. Our translators used our guidelines throughout their translation process...






Kristina Jones

Hello Ashley thank you for the quick response! 

My course set up is a beginning slide that branches into 4 scenes, each scene is the course in a different language.  Originally it was one scene and I exported the translation document.

When I imported the translation document, the translation would over-write my english.  I checked the directions for the translation document and there was no guidance for how to import multiple languages - if you can edit the directions - it would be great to add a section for multiple languages.

The fix:

Duplicate the english scene --> english becomes scene 1 and 2, import the translation document --> translation overwrites scene 1.  Duplicate the translation scene --> translation scene becomes 1 and 3.  Import translation2 --> translation2 becomes scene 1.  Repeat duplicate scene and import for the number of languages you have to import.




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