Importing Powerpoint to Storyline--will Audio import?

May 03, 2012

I'm so excited about Storyline!  I need a solution that will work on the ipad. I have three 200 slide presentations in Presenter that have narration and embedded flash videos.  I'd like to import the powerpoints and then improve the experience and create some branching.

Will it take hours and hours to import?  It started the import and then crashed in the middle.

Then I did a test and my audio narration did not import.

Should audio narration import and will it take many hours?

Is this the best approach?



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Ry Landry

While I hate to drag up an old thread I am experiencing the same issue and there seem to be no mention of this behavior in the support files.

Any videos that are embedded in the pptx will not import. They display on the initial import selection screen, but after the import process completes they are gone. If videos are placed as a linked file in the pptx. they import correctly in to articulate.

The default pptx behavior is to embed and there is no way to change an embedded video to a linked video, short of inserting it again or some VBA mucking about. 

Please someone tell me I am missing something simple.

Articulate 2 ver 6 1507.2315 and PPT 2013 15.0.4749.1000

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ry,

What kind of video files? How have you added them into powerpoint? Are you  following the steps here to import a Powerpoint Presentation into Storyline.  Here are some other tips you'll want to review and keep in mind in regards to importing content. 

Also, Storyline 2 is now on Update 7 that you may want to download and install here. 

Ry Landry

Currently the video files are wmv although Articulate behaves the same with other video formats that I have tested. 

Thanks for the links, but as I mentioned before there is no mention of this. 

The pptx's were developed previously and all videos are embedded in the pptx, this is default  "drag and drop" behavior in ppt. Using the insert option in ppt does the same. If I insert a video into the pptx and select "Link to File" then the video will be successfully imported into articulate.

All other pptx features are imported with no issue and function correctly.

If import a 5 slide pptx that has nothing but 5 embedded videos, I get 5 blank articulate slides.

I'll try the update. Fingers crossed.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ry,

I actually saw the different behavior than you mentioned - that if the video was embedded it carried over, and the one you said was linked did not - but again the link location may have changed based on how you added it in and zipped the files up. I attached the Storyline file that included the video as I saw it. 

Ry Landry

So I tried a fresh Win7 install with a fresh Articulate Install. Downloaded the zip file I uploaded earlier. Both videos imported correctly. Towards the end of the import process I noticed that below the swirling "wait" icon text popped up and said something to the effect of "importing movie.... with a % or something like that.

I never get that on the machine that cannot import the videos. I have since edited my above post, since I have gotten it work and it must be a machine setting. Unfortunately I can not use the "clean" machine.... Work issues... 

So is there a magic debug mode? Log file? Something that we can try to use to track down what is getting missed? 

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