PowerPoint 13 Narration is not importing into Storyline

Jul 29, 2014

I'm not sure why but my narration which imported beautifully into a past project will not import into Storyline from Powerpoint. I recently did an upgrade to Storyline and not sure if that's the problem. I've optimized the audio from Powerpoint before importing (actually did it both ways - without optimization and with). Does narration no longer import into Storyline from Powerpoint. I couldn't find anything on the forum or support boards.

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Sharon Combs-Eisenbarth

Hi Ashley,

No the narration was recorded in PowerPoint. I'm importing a narrated PowerPoint into Storyline. I've saved in PowerPoint 2013 format and also in an older format; Optimized the files - just trying anything, but when it's imported no sound file imports.

This worked before I updated Storyline so I'm wondering if the update caused the issue?



Anita Jones


Am just wondering if there has been any resolution yet.

Just to clarify, when importing narrated .pptx files into Storyline 2, the audio is lost.

My work around involves changing the file type to .zip, opening up the media folder, converting the .wav files to mp3 then inserting the audio back into each slide within Storyline.

Any solution or suggestion to cut down the amount of time this takes would be greatly appreciated.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kris,

This issue is still with our QA team for review, and I don't have any updates to share at this time. 

We've tagged this thread for follow up once there is additional information to share, but in the meantime you will want to look at exporting the audio from your PPT and then importing that directly into Storyline. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

There was a recent documentation in regards to some of the audio issues with Powerpoint Audio and Storyline imports here.  

If you import a PowerPoint presentation with M4A audio files into Articulate Storyline, you may find that the audio files don't get imported.

This is a known issue. Storyline supports M4A files, but they're not currently importing from PowerPoint. You can work around this behavior by importing the M4A audio files into Storyline after importing your PowerPoint presentation. Directions are detailed in that first link. 

Jerry Anderson

I had the problem of a PowerPoint ppsx file (Slideshow) not importing it's audio into Storyline 2.  Today, I found a website that solved my specific issue.  It's located at the hyperlink I've attached and it worked great. Basically, you open Powerpoint, go to File>Open and browse for your ppsx file.  You then Save it as a Powerpoint Presentation, which converts it to the standard pptx file.  This imports perfectly, along with audio, into Storyline 2.   

How to convert ppsx to pptx

Jennifer Alluisi

I'm jumping in to get notification as well. Importing the audio files individually once the PPTX is in Storyline adds unnecessary time to the conversion process. Like many people, I am working with authors all over the world who record their own narration (we're a nonprofit, so this saves us a lot of money). Since we can't buy them all Storyline, they HAVE to record the narration in PowerPoint. It's super-annoying to have to convert their files to ZIP files, extract them, import the PPTX file into Storyline, and then insert the audio from the extracted ZIP file individually into each slide. Definitely a hindrance to any plans to purchase upgrades or additional licenses to more Articulate products because this is a huge issue for us.

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