Is a SCORM 1.2 output published from an older version of storyline different from a SCORM 1.2 output published from Storyline 3

Jul 03, 2018


I have been told by our LMS team that the SCORM 1.2 output published from Storyline 3 (Up to date) has some issues with the lms as compared to a SCORM 1.2 outputs from odler versions of Storyline, As far as I understand SCORM 1.2 is a standard package irrespective of the version/tool we use and an lms can or cannot be compatible with a version of SCORM but not the version of the tool we used to publish ? Could you please throw some light on this


Thanks in advance

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Crystal Horn

Hi Ravindra.  We reworked the published output in Storyline 3, so there are a few differences between Storyline 3 output and output from earlier versions of Storyline.

Do you know if there is a specific issue that your LMS team has in mind?  Update 3 for Storyline 3 fixed some LMS issues that we encountered, but if you're running into problems, we're happy to help!  

Feel free to reply back here with what's happening, and if possible, a copy of your .story file for testing.  You can reach our support team here for 24/7 help as well.  Thanks!

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