Issues in iPad


We have observed a few issues on publishing Storyline courses for iPad. Please guide us if there are options to fix these bugs. We are using Storyline 5.0.

  1. On clicking pause button while viewing a screen and then on clicking the 'replay' button, the audio is not playing.
  2. On clicking Submit button on an interactive screen without attempting any option, the popup prompting to select an option appears. On clicking the OK button there, the screen blinks on an iPad device.
  3. The volume controller does not expand at times on an iPad device.

It would be helpful if you could help us with solution for the above issues.

Thank you.

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Raj S

HI Ashley 

I will talk to my team and get back to you regarding the .story file, 

mean while the issues i mentioed is not happening only in a project, its happening in all storyline projects.

here is the another issue we posted longtime back

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sinchu,

If it's happening in all projects, have you tried to conduct the repair just to ensure that something didn't occur during the install of Update 5? 

Also, could you tell me a bit more about how you're testing it (web vs. LMS, HTML5 vs. mobile player app, version of iOS, etc.)? 

I see that the issue you posted about before is from July 2013? If you've configured slides to reset to their initial states when revisiting, you may find that they don't always reset when viewed in HTML5 output. If they're question slides, you may find that you're unable to select any answer choices on the second attempt. This is a known issue. See this article for more information.